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Nature or Nurture? Reflecting on the Psychological State of University Students Facing Obesity

Peter Wallace

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Peter Wallace, (2015, May 11). Nature or Nurture? Reflecting on the Psychological State of University Students Facing Obesity. Psychreg on General. https://www.psychreg.org/university-students-obesity/
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We look into the interaction essay between nature and nurture causes of the condition for university students. Through the essay, there are instances that the inheritance has an impact on genetic susceptibility. There are also environmental influences such as exercise and diet that have an impact on weight gain. The essay touches on the feeding patterns of university students on fatty foods, eating habits, and inappropriate portion sizes.


The recent result has shown that the susceptibility for gaining weight influences the genetic components. Research on family, physical activity, and eating patterns assess the impact of genetics on weight. A recent essay report shows that close to 40-70% of the variation that exists between the students concerning weight is associated with the genes.

Research on student studies has shown that students with obese parents are five times more likely to be overweight. As a writer, it remains unclear. This is where the writer reflects on whether it is a result of the unhealthy family eating patterns or genetic susceptibility.


Various factors surround the diet of university students, which links to obesity. The factors include the type of food consumed, food intake, and the patterns of eating. Since research has proven that obesity is a result of the imbalance that exists between energy expenditure and consumption, then the weight of the food consumed is a critical factor.

A writer can draw a close relationship between energy intake and obesity in students. The analysis is in addition to the control of the physical inactivity and the parental body weight. The mode of food intake by the parents reflects on the food intake by the students resulting in weight gain. 

Moreover, it bases on a social construct of a writer. The notion relates to the fact that the students are reflecting the actions of their parents. The notion proves that the unhealthy eating habits of parents during their early years results in the increased fat intake during the childhood stages to adolescence to adulthood.

Eating patterns among university students

Eating patterns play a role in university student’s obesity. The weight gain can be due to the uneven energy distribution in the day. There is also a close relationship between diet and eating patterns and genetics. 

Some cases in overacting are a result of students coping with the negative emotions which relate to the inherited characteristics. This touches on parental influence since the obese parents are bound to pass on the habits to students with high and uneven diets while in university.

Physical activeness among university students

The physical activity of university students is related to their participation in physical activities. For this part, the research focuses on the habit such as viewing TV and playing virtual games which are common among university students. Overweight attributes to watching TV in many cases.

However, there exists a puzzle to prove the hypothesis to link the reduced amount of time spent interacting in physical activities. There is also the aspect of advertisements which increase the desire of the students for food. There is also the notion that snacks do not lead to weight gain.

The hypothesis can, however, be proven theoretically since it means the much time the students spent playing games and watching TV, the less time they spent on physical activities, thus contributing to obesity. The students who are overweight are also inclined not to partake in physical activities.

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Peter Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh.

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