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Is the Universal Test a Viral Apocalypse?

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Any kind of virus does not care about the human brain defence mechanism. It is the law of nature that unfolds the series of accidents into one’s life with the structure of social relations. This coronavirus along with the pandemic is no different in a democratic country like India. President Joe Biden campaigned online and ruled the US, but in countries like India where netas had to campaign rallies to display their strengths and dive into adoring crowds often maskless – where is coronavirus then?

Canvassing vaccination – a drive

‘Trace, test, vaccinate’ (Nous Indica) – is universal testing the ideal testing sans viability? The results of the test done are available after a couple of days. Are adequate staff available? Are there enough testing kits available for the entire population? Does everyone have access to smartphones to download the relevant apps? Have the rulers the will to rule over it? The best alternative is to distribute the masks made from a simple cloth and ensure that when venturing out there are no large gatherings. Vaccination drive has to be at the greatest possible pace.

Reckless politics – a crisis

The present alarming Covid wave is the deadly mix of politics and religion exposing the people to the disease. Unless we rid ourselves of all the politics, we will continue to fall prey to such calamities – natural or man-made. Even though the positivity rates are plummeting at the higher rates, most of the politicians are just cocking a snook at the safety protocols. Many people are gullible and trust easily. Because of the disease, not just human lives are lost, but also the medical bills are scaled up massively.

Moral legitimacy – a regime

No one works to incur losses. It’s not just the testing, the jobs are at stake too. Although the private enterprises are investing the capital in setting up the infrastructure, they have working capital to pay for their staff, pay rent, and thus run the operations to earn profits. It is not denied that this is an exceptional time during which these private labs agreed to test for Covid without any law permitting them to charge any amount. So how come these companies are getting infrastructure to run the operations with the employees to deal with Covid? This is not just hurting the people’s health objectives but also the economy worldwide.

Plug gaps before its too late

The overzealous courts around the world must pay attention, as what may appear noble at first glance can end up being unproductive, even against the national objectives. The silence of global partners like the US did not go unnoticed by the leaders of the nation at the dearth of safety measures. The issue of curbs on the export of essential materials to ramp up the productions of many essential commodities has been non-committal. The strategic partners must team up, putting each other’s resources together and help struggle with the Covid crisis, thus delivering a speedier and powerful impact on the population. 

If I am healthy, my family will be healthy, and society will be healthy.

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