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Unfathomed Reflection – A Figure of Speech

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The verses are from Thomas Grey’s poem that he wrote: ‘On the death of some dear one. It is a fact that many flowers bloom in a desert and waft their sweetness all around. There is no one in the desert to inhale their fragrance. The blooming flowers wither away and then go waste in a society where merit is under pegged and the fragrance is stifled.’

It is considered a sort of thing that only crotchety old literary professors could remember as our poem of poems. Here are a few distinctions that are of little importance in the greater scheme of things among the living.

Affordable talents

Many young men and women in poor and humble cottages do not have any opening in life in many developing nations. Their talent is wasted away due to poverty, which prevents their talent from being utilised to their advantage and benefit society. The poor boys/girls do not go to primary schools because their parents can’t bear their education expenses. Let flowers of talent not go un-inhaled in society.

Advancement of favouritism

Some could be budding teachers, engineers, or doctors, but poverty chokes their talents. In a rampant society, the talent is bound to suffer reverses while the rich provide the best schooling to their sons/daughters, and talent becomes utilised for their advancement.

Favouritism flourishes, but merit is meritless in society. Today the formality and artifice trick is insincere, and we are still suffering under what is called spontaneous and ersatz relationships.

Merits that flowers

People have different emotional reactions towards other individuals in reflections of love and hate. The feeling of love may still reflect dominance if one deeply hates someone they love. There are different attachment styles one develops gradually. Hence in a society of merit-flowers, their sweetness is scattered to be felt by everyone.

Unlike Western society, things are different in developing nations, where every human being meets death no matter what roles they have. Things like hearts, clasping hands, flowers or other trinket charms often hold pretty deep feelings which are forgotten nowadays. Love reflects a relationship that reveals each moment about the other. The closer the relationship, the closer is the reflection.

Reflection of love

I often feel how easily love is ignored because of its hidden characters and because it belongs to the realms of the heart. Sometimes it is sagacious to trust only those things we can observe with our senses. But actually, this speaks of the fear that brings the eternal loss that locks us out of the attachment to love. Love is a fruit that has to be distinguished from other fruits. It is the reflection that springs from the heart and cannot be penetrated by the tools of logic.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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