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Understanding the Mechanics of Wagering Requirements

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Online casinos and gambling platforms have various features for players on their websites. As a way to motivate existing players and attract new users, these platforms provide different promotions. Some bonuses are given without conditions, while others have specific requirements that players must meet before claiming winnings.

Common conditions attached to promotional offers include time limits, game options, and wagering requirements. Time limits and game options are relatively straightforward for gamblers to understand. However, wagering requirements can be more challenging to comprehend.

In our guide, we will explain the mechanics behind wagering requirements. We will discuss how to calculate wagering requirements. We will also provide strategies on how you can overcome these requirements. First, let’s clarify the concept of wagering.

What are wagers?

Understanding wagering requirements requires a clear understanding of what a wager means. At its core, wagers are the same as bets. So when a person is said to be wagering, that individual simply bets on any casino game or sports betting option of their choice.

Now, let’s focus on what a wager means, specifically within the context of an online casino. In this setting, a wager relates to the money you place as a bet on table games, live dealer options, and real money slots.

Wagers can also encompass the cumulative money you bet throughout a single session or a designated time frame. It accounts for the sum you are willing to risk during your gambling experience.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements refer to how often you must bet your bonus before withdrawing any winnings. Think of it as a necessary step to unlock your rewards. When online casinos entice you with bonus offers: they often attach wagering requirements to the bonus money. 

These requirements act as a multiplier of the initial bonus amount offered to you. So, the more you receive in bonuses, the more times you’ll need to wager that amount before cashing out.

Some casinos may set unfair or unfavorable wagering requirements in competitive online gambling. Beware of these tricky tactics. It’s essential to be mindful when selecting bonus offers and opt for ones with reasonable wagering requirements. Keep the casinos from spoiling your fun or making it hard to enjoy your winnings.

A suitable wagering requirement should fall within the range of 30 times to 35 times the bonus amount. This balance gives you a fair chance of winning while avoiding excessive playthrough obligations. It’s like finding the perfect rhythm between risk and reward.

Understanding wagering requirements

Wagering requirements can be confusing. They may also vary depending on the type of bonus you receive. If you receive a cash bonus, there is a specific multiplier that you must meet before you can withdraw any bonus funds or winnings. 

For example, imagine you receive a cash bonus from a casino with a wagering requirement of 30X. In such a situation, you need to bet the amount of your bonus thirty times before withdrawing both the bonus and any winnings you have accumulated.

Wagering requirements can also apply to free spins. As a rule, free spins do not come with a cash amount. Thus, the multiplier only applies to the winnings you receive from the free spins.

Additionally, when it comes to free bets, there are usually requirements to consider. Depending on the casino, you may need to make a specific deposit before claiming the bonus. Sometimes, you may only be allowed to bet on sports with specific odds.

How to calculate wagering requirements: a simple guide

When calculating wagering requirements for bonus offers, there are a few factors to consider. The type of bonus and your deposit amount play a significant role in determining the wagering requirements.

Calculating Bonus Wagering on Free Spins

Calculating bonus wagering for free spins is simple. You don’t need to get into complicated math. Instead, you should calculate the requirements based on your earnings. For example, Suppose you receive 40 free spins with a 15x playthrough requirement.

Example: 40 (Free Spins Wins) x 15 (Wagering) = $600

In this example, with 40 free spins and a 15x wagering requirement, you would need to wager $600 before you can cash out your winnings.

Calculating Wagering on Deposit Bonuses

Calculating wagering requirements for deposit bonuses can be approached in two ways. Any method you decide to use will depend on whether the playthrough requirements apply to the deposit amount.

If the wagering requirements only apply to the bonus amount, you can use the following method. Assume you claim a $100 bonus with a 15x playthrough requirement.

Example: $100 (Bonus) x 15 (Wagering) = $1500

In this case, you must wager $1500 before withdrawing your winnings. However, if the wagering requirements apply to deposit and bonus amounts, you must follow a slightly different approach. Let’s consider a scenario where you claim a $150 bonus for a $50 deposit, with a 20x wagering requirement.

Example: ($50 (Deposit) + $150 (Bonus)) x 20 (Wagering) = $4000

In this example, you would need to wager a total of $4000 before you can cash out your winnings. 

By considering these calculations, you can better understand the wagering requirements attached to bonus offers. Also, they can help you make informed decisions when playing at online casinos.

Beating wagering requirements

Defeating wagering requirements requires a deep understanding of how they work and a strategic approach. Here are some tips on how you can identify bonus offers with reasonable requirements:

  • Check the terms and conditions. Before choosing a bonus, read the details carefully. Pay attention to minimum deposit amounts, specific payment methods, and time limits. You must fulfill the casino’s promotional offer requirements to withdraw your winnings.
  • Choose reliable online casinos. Look for trustworthy casinos that have reasonable terms. Some casinos have high wagering requirements, while others have lower ones. It’s best to select licensed and regulated casinos with user-friendly interfaces and reliable customer service.
  • Select the best casino games. Different games contribute different percentages towards meeting wagering requirements. Online slots usually contribute 100%, while table and card games contribute around 50%. For faster and easier fulfillment of terms, consider playing slots.


As a gambler, always avoid bonus offers with playthrough requirements above 30x to 35x is advisable. At WeGamble, you can have access to online casinos with the best wagering requirements and bonuses. Feel free to use any of the recommended sites for your gaming needs.

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