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The Ultimate Places in the UK for Intergenerational Living Ranked from Best to Worst

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More people than ever before are becoming aware of the benefits of socialising with different generations, with a 133% increase in online searches for ‘age-friendly communities’ over the last 12 months.

New research from Later Living Marketplace Lottie has analysed the generational split across UK towns and cities to reveal the top 7 places across the country for bringing generations together: with Conwy being crowned in 1st place, Scarborough in close 2nd, and Chichester coming in 3rd place.

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Lottie’s co-founder and care expert Will Donnelly shared: ‘Basing our insights on demographic results of the 2021 census, we’ve revealed the best places to live that bring a variety of generations together; all of which can boost your well-being and socialisation.

‘With an ageing population, many people across the country are living in intergenerational communities and we’re even seeing up to three or four different generations in one family. 

‘There are lots of benefits from intergenerational friendships, including learning new skills, reducing feelings of loneliness, and encouraging a sense of belonging and strong community ties.

‘Ageing is a natural part of life. But sometimes as we age the way traditional towns and cities are designed can leave older generations feeling excluded from society. From easy access to buildings, affordable transport, and socialising opportunities; all generations can benefit from a healthy, happy and age-inclusive community.

Angela, 54, has a strong friendship with Derek, 76, and shares how their intergenerational friendship has positively impacted her well-being: ‘I met my friend Derek in 2010 at our local parkrun. We meet every Saturday and enjoy a cake and catch up afterwards. We have a 22-year age difference; Derek is 76 and I’m 54.

‘We share a love of running, especially parkrun as it is so inclusive. Derek is an amazing runner and ran the London 2022 marathon. I’ve run with him during his training runs up to 20 miles. We share interests, have fun, and talk about running mainly.

I was honoured to be invited to Derek’s 70th birthday party. We have a great friendship, sometimes we try to win each other in a race and laugh about it. He inspires me, he is young at heart and always cheerful.’

Sasha,32, and Jane, 65, met at a local village pub and quickly became close friends. Sasha shared how Jane supports her in reaching and celebrating milestones in life: ‘I moved to the village recently and we met at the village pub. There is a 33-year age difference between us but we have lots of things in common. We like to meet for walks, drinks out or a good meal and chat. Regardless of age, Jane and I are very similar, and she encourages me to achieve milestones and celebrate exactly where I am.’

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