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Time to Talk Day: The UK Regions Most Concerned About Anxiety

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Today is Time to Talk Day, a campaign run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness that aims to get everyone talking about mental health and when we might need support. Mental health issues have seen a sharp increase since the pandemic, with more than two-thirds of UK adults (69%) admitting they are worried about the impact Covid has on their lives. 

But which regions across the country are the most worried about their mental health and should open up the conversation today? As part of a new study, private rehab clinic Delamere have determined where in the UK Brits are searching for support with anxiety based on a city-by-city analysis of Google Search volume.

The study revealed that: 

  • Anxiety is among the UK’s top mental health concerns, with 130,000 searches a month
  • Anxiety is the most common health issue in Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Belfast Halesowen and Hull. 

Research reveals that anxiety is the most prevalent in Liverpool, Newcastle, Belfast and Halesowen and Hull, while other mental health issues like PTSD and depression were the most searched for in Plymouth and Stoke-On-Trent.

Anxiety refers to a feeling of unease or worry that can vary in intensity depending on the individual dealing with it. While everyone is capable of experiencing feelings of anxiety to some extent, anxiety disorder is a specific mental health condition that causes a person to respond to even the most ordinary of situations with fear and dread.

Here are the top health concerns in other UK regions:

Methodology: Taking a seed list of locations across the UK, and used Google search data to determine where the most common mental health and addiction-related queries were searched the most.

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