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UK Patients Now Prescribed First Domestically Grown Medical Cannabis

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Releaf, the UK’s fastest-growing medical cannabis clinic, has announced a landmark partnership with Glass Pharms, a pioneering UK-based cannabis cultivator. This collaboration will introduce the first domestically grown, balanced, and THC-bearing medical cannabis flower to the UK market, available only through Releaf. Glass Pharms’ launch partner, Releaf, will be the first clinic to offer patients access to domestically cultivated cannabis cultivars. This significant milestone supports the growth of the UK’s medical cannabis industry while providing patients with a sustainable, high-quality, and consistent supply of medication.

Tim Kirby, managing director of Releaf, said: “Releaf, through its partnership with Glass Pharms, brings the first domestically grown medical cannabis to the UK’s healthcare landscape, addressing the unmet healthcare needs of patients, and delivering a consistent supply of high-quality CBPMs to UK patients whose conditions can benefit from this treatment.”

Glass Pharms’ state-of-the-art facilities employ advanced AI-controlled growing conditions and laboratory facilities, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency and adherence to the highest quality standards set by the MHRA and Home Office. Additionally, their net carbon-negative cultivation process uses approximately 40% of the power compared to traditional indoor growing methods.

“Releaf has a strong focus on patient experience with an excellent proprietary technology platform to enable it. The combined offering is great news for patients, particularly those who care about the environment,” said James Duckenfield, CEO of Glass Pharms.

Chloe Durrington, 26, suffers from endometriosis and is the first patient in the UK to be prescribed one of these cultivars, said: “From an environmental point of view, it feels good to know that my medication hasn’t had to travel across the globe to get to me. Plus, it gives me peace of mind that issues with supply, which have until now been one of the main challenges for patients like me, are far less likely if the cannabis isn’t coming from overseas.”

Releaf’s proprietary HealthTech platform, which has seen over 16,000 people open an account since its launch on 1st February following 18 months of tech development, will now feature a range of six Releaf-branded cultivars. This medication range is only available via Releaf, further enhancing the clinic’s differentiated service and exceptional value for patients.

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