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The UK’s Most In-Demand IT Roles of 2024

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The job market is ever-evolving, with new job roles being created every day and career popularity shifting sectors. One sector which is popular for candidate choice, is the IT sector. Jumar, a talent acquisition specialists, looks at the most in-demand IT job roles and how to hire correctly for these positions in 2024.

Helen Law, senior client services director at Jumar, says: “As the job market changes over time, candidates and companies alike change their demands. Keeping up with industry standards means filling skill gaps and ensuring you’ve got the right people in place to maintain a competitive edge.  Knowing how to improve your recruitment process to get the best candidates for these roles is essential for filling these crucial positions.”

Business analyst

Business analysts deliver efficiencies across the board, working alongside various teams. Their role is crucial for businesses that need a mediator between the technologically driven and non-technological teams. Efficient communication between teams is crucial for the success of any business and a Business Analyst is instrumental in improving this.

Helen says: “The role of a Business Analyst can differ and evolve depending on the needs and demands of the business. So, being able to find the right candidate involves a lot of flexibility and adaptability. The right candidate will need core strengths such as communication and a wide understanding of your industry, as well as the ability to transform the role depending on your company’s needs.”

Cloud architect

As more businesses shift towards a fully integrated cloud system or even hybrid cloud models, making sure you’ve got someone who can keep up to date with the recent cloud updates, features, and whitepapers from leading cloud providers is essential.

As you transition to newer systems and applications, having someone who understands the structure and changes is essential to keeping your data safe.


With cyberattacks on the rise, the role of cyber security is more important than ever for businesses. Whether it is to avoid fines or a damaged reputation, keeping your data, assets, and systems safe is crucial for your business.

When hiring someone to fulfil your cyber security roles, they will need to be informed about new cyber threats and preventions, as well as certified in common certificates including CISSP, CISM, and CompTIA Security.  

Low code

Roles in low code development were also highly sought after in 2023, with candidates of varying technical levels having the ability to take part in development. This can be a good role for people with plenty of technical experience in your sector or a graduate starting out. Crucially for this role, your candidate will need to stay up to date with the latest developments in technology and be open to continuous learning and improvement.

How to hire right

Recruitment software

Finding the right candidates for your roles means being able to filter out undesirable applicants quickly. With recruitment software, you can set parameters for your candidates, including length of time in a specific role or industry, so that only those with the right level of experience are being viewed and asked for interviews.

Assessment processes

Having the right assessment processes in place is crucial for finding the right candidate for your roles, especially in IT. Whether it is a presentation or a solution task, ensuring that your candidates are perfect for the role includes making sure that they know how to handle common problems that might appear when working with you. You will also want a specialist in the field present during the interviews and assessment processes, to better understand the abilities of your candidates.

Helen says: “Putting your candidates through assessment processes is essential for any IT role. Finding the right candidate can take time but by including this additional step in your recruitment process, you avoid the risk of hiring someone without all the necessary skills.”

Robust selection

Your recruitment process needs to be robust so that you’re hiring the right candidates and allowing them to thrive in their roles. There is no point in hiring someone who will crack under the pressure of their new position or who is inexperienced in the necessary areas. Making sure you’re providing clear messaging around the role is essential for finding the right applicants with the correct work experience and knowledge.

Helen recommends: “Working alongside a talent acquisition consultant can help ensure that you’re finding the right candidates for your company who can grow their skills and abilities alongside your business and the growing market. Consultants will have an in-depth knowledge of your industry sector, the job requirements, and understand what is expected in the day-to-day running of the role to find the people with the necessary skills to both fulfil the role and grow your business.”

IT is ever-evolving and so keeping up with role trends is essential for the success of your business – whether it is maintaining a competitive advantage or securing your systems during a transition. Having the key roles in place, with the right candidates and hires for each, can ensure your business has access to the technology it needs, without worry of cyber security threats or falling behind.

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