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UK Mobster’s Journey from Notoriety to Nominee: Stephen Gillen Pens His Life Story

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In an unexpected twist worthy of a crime thriller, former London gang member and Category A prisoner Stephen Gillen has inked a two-book deal with Chronos Publishing, detailing his tumultuous journey from the UK’s most wanted list to a beacon of hope as a Peace International Prize nominee.

Chronos Publishing, after securing rights from Agent Fox Media, expresses their excitement over the acquisition, which sets the stage for an autobiographical saga that promises to captivate readers with its raw honesty and remarkable transformation.

Stephen Gillen, 52, once a name that echoed through the corridors of Britain’s toughest prisons, shares his battle with inner demons that began in childhood and steered him towards a life mired in crime. His autobiography not only recounts his time among notorious criminals, including his continued acquaintance with Charles Bronson, but also reveals the psychological break that paved the way for an epiphany about his life’s potential.

His release in 2003 marked the beginning of an astonishing metamorphosis. Today, Gillen is a successful CEO, author, and television personality. His life story, so compelling that it has been optioned for a film, is a testament to the human capacity for change and redemption.

Stephen Gillen’s forthcoming autobiography, Extraordinary. Stephen Gillen: The Search for a Life Worth Living, is slated for a Spring 2024 release, chronicling a life less ordinary and the relentless quest for a meaningful existence.

Reflecting on the process of revisiting his past, Stephen Gillen acknowledges the emotional toll it took to confront his history. Yet he emphasises the importance of sharing his journey to demonstrate that personal turmoil can ultimately lead to profound creativity and balance.

Taryn Johnson, Publishing Director at FCM Publishing, praises Gillen’s narrative as a rare find that embodies resilience, retribution, and hope. She believes that Gillen’s story will challenge preconceived notions about worthiness and second chances, highlighting the mind’s incredible power to overcome adversity.

Stephen’s early encounters with the law began at 14, culminating in a 17-year sentence at 22 for his role in a criminal operation. His time in prison was marked by frequent transfers, 25 in total, before his eventual release. His relationship with Charles Bronson, formed behind bars, adds another layer to his gripping life story.

Now reformed, Stephen Gillen is recognised internationally as an “Ambassador for Peace”. He continues to navigate his redemption arc, seeking reconciliation and the opportunity to contribute positively to society.

Chronos Publishing, an award-winning independent publisher, is known for its compelling life stories and bestsellers. Agent Fox Media, a literary and multimedia agency, prides itself on delivering passionate narratives complemented by multimedia platforms.

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