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Top 10 UK Locations with the Best Approach to Well-Being

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Over the past few years, the UK has been subject to a number of adverse life events including the Covid pandemic and the rising cost of living, which has had a huge impact on people’s mental and physical well-being. 

As a result, many people are focusing on prioritising their mental health, with nearly half of the brits (46%) said to be spending more time outdoors since 2020 in a bid to look after themselves a bit more.  

As part of a new report, the team of experts at Private Rehab Clinic Delamere, have crunched the numbers to reveal which locations in the UK have the best approach to well-being in the UK, taking into account 10 different factors including the quality of life score, number of wellness retreats, yoga and pilates studios, exercise clubs, nature reserves, and more. 

According to the data, in the first place was London, with an overall score of 84.9/100. London had an impressive 224 wellness retreats recorded, suggesting that prioritising wellness is very popular within the bustling capital city.

The city also boasts a staggering 309 yoga studios and 48 spa retreats, which all contributed to its positive approach to well-being. 

In second place with a score of 71.4/100 was Norwich, the city ranked so high on the list thanks to its number of mental health providers available.   

Completing the top three was Newcastle with a score of  70.2/100. The data revealed that the area had a very impressive 38 nature reserves, allowing its residents to unwind and reconnect with the outdoors.

The city also had a respectable number of wellness retreats, with 47 available for those looking to improve their well-being.

Dr Catherine Carney, a psychiatrist at Delamere has explained why positive well-being in the UK is important and what impact poor wellness can have on addiction: “Positive well-being is hugely important, but very often overlooked. This can be due to many factors, such as being overworked, trying to maintain a social life, and toxic hustle culture – to name just a few.”

“Declining well-being throughout the UK is also likely to have an impact on addiction rates, as drugs and alcohol are commonly used for escapism purposes, as well as to help people de-stress and relax.”

“This is why harnessing wellness techniques and prioritising mental well-being is crucial, as so many people may feel they are too far into their addiction to find other coping mechanisms.” 

To find out which UK locations made the top 10 places for the best approach to well-being check out the list below.

    • London – 84.9/100
    • Norwich – 71.4/100 
    • Newcastle – 70.2/100 
    • Birmingham – 69.0/100 
    • Nottingham – 60.6/100
    • Leicester – 57.8 /100 
    • Liverpool  – 57.2/100 
    • Leeds – 54.6/100 
    • Milton Keynes – 51.7/100 
    • Reading – 51.6/100

Taking a seed list of the most populated locations in the UK, we have uncovered which had the most positive attitude towards well-being, based on the following criteria.

    • Quality of life score 
    • Average rainfall 
    • Average temperature 
    • Nature and parks 
    • Mental health providers
    • Wellness retreats 
    • Wildlife reserves 
    • Yoga / Pilate Studios Spa retreats 
    • Exercise Clubs

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