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These Are the UK Locations Where Alcohol Dependency Has Increased the Most

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Psychreg News Team, (2023, May 31). These Are the UK Locations Where Alcohol Dependency Has Increased the Most. Psychreg on Positivity & Lifestyle.
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Drinking is a big part of UK culture, with many people enjoying a drink after work or taking a trip to the local pub on the weekend to socialise with friends.

While this casual attitude to alcohol may sound fairly harmless, the problematic consequences of over-reliance on drinking shouldn’t be underestimated.

In fact, according to a recent study by Public Health England, alcohol is now the fifth biggest cause of death, ill health and disability across all ages in the UK.

With this in mind, the research specialists at Private Rehab Clinic Delamere have analysed and compared official published statistics on alcohol dependency over the last five years to reveal which areas of the UK saw the biggest increase in problem drinkers.

According to the data, it was revealed that North East town, Darlington, had experienced the highest increase in alcohol dependency since 2018, by a staggering 427.68%, to be exact. In this area, figures also revealed that a worrying 267 alcohol-dependent individuals living in the area were also caring for minors. 

Looking further afield, the City of London came next on the list. The data revealed that the capital had experienced a 59.46% increase in alcohol dependency cases since 2018. While this figure is dramatically lower than that of Darlington, it is still worrying considering the size and population of London.

Completing the top three was port city Southhampton. The location saw a rise of 32.22% in individuals struggling with symptoms of alcohol dependency.

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