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The UK’s Favourite Halloween Sweets Revealed in New Survey

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With Halloween trick-or-treating putting an abundance of sugary snacks at your doorstep, every home across the country is likely to be indulging in their sweet tooth tonight. But out of the dozens of chocolates, sweets, and treats to choose from, which takes the crown as the nation’s favourite?

To settle the age-old dispute of which British sweet is the absolute best, Mattress Online surveyed Brits to determine which treat kids will be seeking out this Halloween. And to help make sure a sugar rush doesn’t keep them up all night, the sleep experts put together their top tips on making sure children get a good night’s sleep this October 31st.

Haribo Starmix is the number one sweet in the UK, Mattress Online can reveal. The soft sweet is a favourite choice for more than a third (35.5%) of all Brits. Surprisingly, Haribos are most popular with 41–60 year olds. 37.3% of this age bracket consider the soft sweets to be one of their favourites, compared to just 33.4% of 26-40 year olds.

If you’re looking to appease child Trick-or-treaters, then Skittles are the best choice. Almost 2 in 5 (37.3%) of 12- to 17-year olds say Skittles are among their favourite sweets, the most of any analysed. In fact, Skittles are only marginally behind Haribos as the nation’s favourite sweet, with just 0.1 percentage points between them.

James Wilson, sleep expert at Mattress Online comments on how to manage your young ones on Halloween: “It is always good for parents to know what is in the food their kids eat, but Halloween is only once a year. Yes, the sugar may impact sleep, as might the adrenaline from the excitement and all the spookiness. However, my advice would be to enjoy it, accept that sleep might be harder that night, and getting up for school the next day may be a little trickier, but it only happens once a year.”

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