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UK Cities Ranked for Vegan Obsession Ahead of World Vegan Day

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As World Vegan Day approaches on 1st November, there’s a notable buzz in the UK. This event offers not only a celebration for those already committed to a vegan lifestyle but also an opportunity for those curious about plant-based diets to delve deeper into the myriad of vegan offerings.

While veganism has seen a surge in the UK, certain cities appear to be more enthused about it than others. A recent study by DR.VEGAN aimed to highlight the cities most engrossed in veganism, and the results might surprise you.

Topping the charts, Norwich stands out as the most vegan-obsessed city. Averaging 952 monthly searches per 100,000 residents, it’s clear that the vegan movement has a strong foothold here. The younger average age of its residents, at just 34, could be a factor in the city’s openness to newer dietary trends. Beyond just curiosity, Norwich also boasts a plethora of vegan restaurants and cafes, making it a haven for plant-based enthusiasts.

Cambridge follows closely, with 889 average monthly searches per 100,000 residents. With a younger average age of its populace, standing at 31, Cambridge is evidently a hub for those eager to explore veganism.

Bristol, another city known for its vibrant culture and youthful energy, clinches the third spot. With 790 searches per 100,000 residents, it’s evident that the city’s locals have a growing interest in the vegan way of life.

Both Bath and Brighton and Hove round off the top five, recording 752 and 570 average monthly searches per 100,000 residents, respectively. These cities, known for their rich histories and cultural significance, are now also making a mark in the vegan sphere.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Tunbridge Wells seems to have the least inclination towards veganism, with a mere 12 average monthly searches per 100,000 residents. This indicates that while veganism is growing in popularity across the UK, there are still areas where it hasn’t quite taken root.

DR.VEGAN’s study was comprehensive. Using the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, they first gauged the overall population and average age per city. Then, leveraging the Google keyword planner, they assessed the average search volume for the term ‘vegan’ across each city. This data was then normalised against each city’s population to determine the search volume per 100,000 residents. The cities were subsequently ranked, with the highest search volumes indicating the most vegan-interested locales.

It’s important to note that this data, collected in October 2023, can evolve over time.

As World Vegan Day looms, it’s heartening to see the UK’s growing interest in veganism. Cities like Norwich, Cambridge, and Bristol are leading the charge, showcasing that the move towards plant-based lifestyles is not just a fleeting trend but a conscious choice made by many.

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