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UK Blog Awards 2018: Please Support Psychreg

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I am delighted to announce that, once again, Psychreg is in for the the UK Blog Awards 2018. I could not have been as driven without all of your support. I am so thrilled and have already started working hard to woo the public!

Voting starts today Monday, 4th December 2017. You can vote for Psychreg through this link

The UK Blog Awards is held to recognise social media content for individuals and companies. The awards is now in its fifth year and they said that there has been a substantial increase in quality of entrants.

The UK Blog Awards is the UK’s  biggest and longest running programme to recognise influencer talent. Follow them on Twitter @UKBlogAwards using . They also hold  for networking each week.

With so many blogs in psychology and mental health, Psychreg offers a fresh approach. Our blog features a wealth of information; we have a podcast; and, we have an open access academic journal. Also, we are more than just an online resource: Psychreg is hosting events to promote relevant and timely discussion on psychology, mental health, well-being, and allied fields. We are thrilled that on August 2018, Psychreg will be hosting the 1st International Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Education (ICPCE 2018), in Quezon City, Philippines.

If you have – in one way or another another – benefited from the contents of Psychreg, please vote for us. This will serve as an inspiration for us to keep on striving in delivering useful contents in psychology, mental health, and well-being. 

Dennis Relojo is the founder of Psychreg and is also the Editor-in-Chief of Psychreg Journal of Psychology. Aside from PJP, he sits on the editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals, and is a Commissioning Editor for the International Society of Critical Health Psychology. A Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, Dennis holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire. His research interest lies in the intersection of psychology and blogging. You can connect with him through Twitter @DennisRelojo and his website.


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