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UK-Based Research and Development Company Max Bio+ Has Announced a Breakthrough in the Field of Diabetes Management

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The company has developed a novel insulin spray that can potentially eliminate needles. This is a revolutionary advancement for patients who require frequent insulin injections. This non-invasive insulin delivery system utilises buccal methods, which have several benefits over current invasive insulin delivery systems.

With the incidence of diabetes increasing rapidly, there is a pressing need for alternative insulin delivery methods. Max Bio+ has conducted all its research and development in the UK, where it has investigated using water-soluble nanoparticles to improve drug absorption.

This technology has been applied to developing an insulin spray for buccal/sublingual administration, which has shown promising results as a controllable, portable and pain-free insulin delivery system.

Over recent years, advances have been made in how insulin is delivered to diabetics. We now have insulin pens which combine the insulin dose and syringe in a single device. There are also smart insulin pens which can track doses and report through an app on your smartphone. This is a fantastic use of MedTech. 

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) are small coin-sized devices with a sensor underneath the skin to monitor glucose levels throughout the day.

Some more advanced CGMs can be linked with a Closed Loop Insulin Pump that, like the monitor, is attached to the patient to deliver insulin without additional syringes. 

However, despite advancements in diabetes management, the devices on the market are still invasive, inconvenient and challenging to use, especially for children or when delivering insulin to diabetic pets.

The team at Max Bio+ has been researching and developing novel delivery systems for various beneficial drugs and supplements, with diabetes a priority.

One of the innovations is a technology that can create water-soluble composite nanoparticles that improve how medicines are absorbed by the body. Combining this research with the challenges in diabetes management, MaxBio+ prioritised investigating the development of an injection-free insulin delivery device.

Because the MaxBio+ technique uses water as a carrier for beneficial drugs, the team looked at ways to deliver the drug without needles. Insulin taken by mouth has numerous challenges to being a useful treatment. It, therefore, became clear that a spray, which could be used for buccal administration, was the ideal solution.

The new delivery system has been developed and tested with promising results.

An insulin spray’s simplicity, portability and non-invasiveness mean it has less chance of creating adverse health effects. The buccal insulin delivery method eliminates the need for needles, which can be a significant source of pain, discomfort and anxiety for patients. It also makes it easier for patients to adhere to their insulin regimen, leading to better overall health outcomes.

In addition to being non-invasive, the insulin spray is also controllable. Patients can adjust their dosage as needed to achieve optimal blood sugar control. The spray can be used discreetly and quickly, making it a more convenient option for patients constantly on the go.

Since insulin spray is a discreet and pain-free option, it could reduce the stigma associated with diabetes management. This benefit is particularly important for children with diabetes, who may feel embarrassed or stigmatised when they need to administer insulin in public.

Another significant benefit of the insulin spray is its portability. The spray is small and easy to carry, so patients can take it anywhere. This portability makes it easier for patients to maintain their insulin regimen even when travelling or away from home.

Max Bio+ is now seeking partnerships to bring this innovative, proven product to market.

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