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UK Anxiety Reaching Epic Proportions According to Surrey-Based Therapist

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‘51% of people who had not previously been diagnosed with anxiety and a mental health condition reported feeling overwhelmed about the energy price cap rise this winter. With Christmas six weeks away, the anxiety is growing, says Kate Hudson-Hall, an Ashford, Surrey-based anxiety therapist and author of a new book released Anxiety Hacks.

According to data collected by YOUGov on behalf of the BPS (The British Psychological Society), 61% of all females reported feeling more anxious about being able to pay their bills than they did this time last year, compared with 47% of males. 30% of females said worrying about money made them depressed, compared with 26% of males.

Kate, who suffered from anxiety since the age of five and suffered with an eating disorder for 15 years before overcoming her illness and training as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner to help others, explains: ‘We have had a huge increase in clients contacting us for help with anxiety due to the increase in household costs and fears of a lack of funds to provide for their families throughout the festive period.’

Anxiety is overwhelming and often leads to panic attacks. It is a serious mental health condition that develops due to biological, social, and psychological reasons.’

‘People need the tools and guidance to help them navigate this worrying time’, says Kate Hudson-Hall, an Ashford, Surrey-based anxiety therapist and author of the new book release Anxiety Hacks

Kate adds that she has written Anxiety Hacks to encourage a better understanding of anxiety by helping people recognise the importance of talking with someone you trust about what’s making you anxious is a great relief and the importance of learning helpful tools to help you manage your worries and anxiety.

She continues: ‘I teach step by step the techniques, tools, and tips taught to thousands of my anxiety clients to move forward from their anxiety.’

The book acts as a practical guide that details how to:

  • Take yourself from being completely overwhelmed by your anxiety to showing you easy ways you can learn to cope with your anxiety behaviours and instantly calm yourself, some in less than 90 seconds.
  • Use the globally recognized and proven super successful ‘C.A.L.M. Your Alarm’ technique to reduce your anxiety instantly.
  • Improve your life with the support of the free companion course containing downloadable worksheets and bonus videos of Kate demonstrating each powerful strategy revealed throughout the book.
  • Stay motivated and propel yourself into a calmer future.

Finally, overcome your anxiety with these empowering tools to unlock your anxiety to freedom.

‘According to WHO, 264 million individuals worldwide have an anxiety disorder, and in any given week in England, six in 100 people will be diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder. These unfolding subjects need to be shouted from the rooftops.’

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