UEL Excellence Studentship

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University of East London is offering a great studentship opportunity at the Institute of Health and Human Development (IHHD) on a large NIHR programme grant which is examining a complex social intervention of group antenatal care (called Pregnancy Circles). Of particular interest is the exploration and understanding of empowerment in group antenatal care particularly relating to women from minority groups (although they are open to other interests too).

They are a lovely and friendly research group consisting of social scientists, midwives, health visitors as well as a health psychologist – who possess great critical discussions and cross-disciplinary/professional working. Deadline is very soon so candidates will need to express their interest in the coming days by contacting Anita Mehay  ( Appropriate candidates will then be encouraged to submit an expressions of interest form with a CV before the deadline: Friday, 02 March 2018. 

Each studentship is for a period of three years with a maintenance allowance of £16,700 for the 2018-19 academic year, plus a training bursary of £2,000. The candidate will be expected to register at the start of the autumn term 2018.

Source: University of East London

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