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Tze Ching Yeung Leads Sustainable Fashion Revolution from Hong Kong to UK

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In a world grappling with issues of child labour, waste, and the sustainability of resources, Tze Ching Yeung, a Hong Kong-born designer now based in the UK, emerges as a trailblazer in the fashion industry. With an impressive career journey that includes designing for elite spas and hotels, working with influential figures, and conceptualising top-level residential homes, Tze Ching’s life experiences have fueled her commitment to creating positive change.

Tze Ching’s early years, marked by challenges and dreams of a dancer’s life, laid the foundation for her determination to make a difference. From learning multiple languages to pursuing contemporary dance in London, she encountered the realities of societal issues and waste, driving her passion for improvement.

After years of success in interior design, Tze Ching transitioned to the fashion world. In 2014, ahead of the curve, she founded “Jake & Maya”, a sustainable kid’s fashion brand, driven by a desire to contribute positively to the environment. Her journey continued with the ambitious goal of transforming the fashion industry’s nature. Her fully-funded and innovative sustainable clothing collection achieved remarkable success, reducing waste to an impressive 2%, compared to the industry standard of 30%. “We Disrupt Agency”, a marketing and business consulting agency helping purpose-driven businesses launch, grow, and scale with impact, has seen real market changes in recent years.

Navigating many personal challenges as a struggling single mom, Tze Ching’s resilience and talent propelled her into a prominent position as a sustainability advocate within the fashion industry. Her impactful work with purpose-driven businesses, engagements at schools, colleges, and influential events, reflects her commitment to raising awareness on current issues and fostering positive change. Also

Tze Ching’s influential new book, titled Making Sense of Fashion, challenges industry norms and presents pivotal solutions. The book has sparked positive controversy for its honest revelations and groundbreaking solutions to address critical issues within the fashion world. Focused now also on textile waste and unhealthy consumer habits, she has been changing the game, rescuing many from the rising costs issue showing clever solutions on how buying impulses are being fuelled, mainly on unsatisfied mental needs.

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