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Two Donation-Based Wellness Events to Try at Seva Experience this September

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Seva Experience, one of UAE’s most popular wellness destinations, hosts two donationbased classes this month. The donations are collected throughout the year and donated every January to charity or a foundation to support certain schools and communities.

Last year, the contributions were sent to a Rwanda school to aid visually impaired people in becoming massage therapists. Participants can donate as much as they wish or not at all.

The free moon activation classes offer yoga, chanting, dancing, breathwork and other practices, from setting new intentions to harmonising with nature, bringing peace, healing, and tranquillity. If you’re looking for charity events that fill your soul – here are two to try this month.

Autumn equinox chanting Catch the frequency of true potential  

The Autumn equinox is the choreography of light and dark and a day of pure potential. This class allows us to harmonise with nature’s cycles and feel more alive and in tune with our surroundings. Nature guides you through seed, emergence, growth, action, expansion, fulfilment, letting go, and releasing.

We can find more balance and joy in life when we consider that there are times for rest and times to bloom. The class consists of 2,5 hours of chanting, followed by a potluck community breakfast at SEVA Table.

  • Friday, 23rd September 2022
  • 6:00 am8:30 am
  • For bookings: call 0585435888 
  • Visit the link here

New moon kundalini activation and sound healing

This activation allows participants to enter their energy field and learn how to make it work for themselves. This is the best time to set intentions and launch new projects. It is a beginning of a cycle and a cosmic reset.

Guests connect with the lunar energies to provide grounding and a sense of direction. The class consists of kundalini yoga, chanting, meditation, dancing, sound healing, breathwork, astrology, and more. All participants will be welcomed for a potluck community breakfast at Seva Table after class.

  • Sunday, 25th September 2022
  • 6:00 am7:30 am
  • For bookings: call 0585435888 or visit the link here 

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