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How Can tutor2u, the Exam Performance Specialist, Can Help Students

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Taking an exam can be extremely challenging and especially confronting for high-performing students who are used to easily achieving their goals. If you are academically strong, put in endless hours of studying (or have trouble sticking with a study schedule), yet still find yourself struggling to pass the exam,  tutor2u might be what you need.

They provide a comprehensive range of support resources and services to teachers, students, parents and other educational communities.

This support includes:

  • Regular and comprehensive study support via our free subject blogs
  • Digital and printed teaching and revision materials to support A-Level, GCSE, IB, and a range of other important exams and assessments
  • Profession development courses for teachers and senior management teams across a wide range of subjects and specialist areas
  • Large-group exam technique and revision coaching courses for students preparing for important exams
  • Enrichment events for students and teachers to support their studies
  • Recruitment support for schools and colleges to connect with the highest possible number of relevant candidates for teaching vacancies
  • Specialist support for organisations wanting to reach out to, and connect with schools and colleges in the UK

Are you interested in working with tutor2u? Would you like to explore how you could partner with them? If so, please contact Jim Riley via email to explore the possibilities.

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