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Turkey’s Largest Hair Transplant Clinic Launches New Summer Deal

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Leading Turkish hair transplant clinic Elithair is launching a new summer deal that could save patients £1,180, with the overall treatment falling from £3,680 to £2,500.

Elithair is offering an additional, complimentary night’s stay in Istanbul for those undergoing the treatment. The hotel stay is worth £100 as well as guaranteed flight cover of up to £255.

Alongside this, they are offering a combination of hair booster and post-procedure treatments worth up to £825. This includes on-site RPP treatment (£250) in a clinic of their choosing (in either the UK, Dubai, or Germany), ozone therapy (£85), and their first hair wash onsite (£40).

Finally, patients will be gifted the Dr Balwi hair boost set worth over £200, which includes a 3-month supply of shampoos and serums that aim to revitalise the hair for a voluminous look and faster results.

The big summer deal is available for a limited number of patients between Wednesday, 1st May and Saturday, 31st August.

Dr Balwi, leading hair surgeon at Elithair, said: “Elithair takes pride in not just treating but successfully enhancing the lives of over 100,000 patients through continuous innovation in the hair transplant industry. We wanted to give prospective patients the chance to visit us when we knew the cost of cosmetic treatments in the UK was soaring and the cost of living was still rising.

“Prospective patients will save £1,350 through the big summer deal this summer, which will ultimately enable their money to go further. Note that this limited offer is available for a short duration only.”

The benefits of getting a hair transplant in the summer 

Improved healing

Higher humidity and temperatures not only heighten a patient’s mood but also enable faster healing due to the limited swelling risk.

UV protection 

There is also a natural inclination to cover and protect our heads during the summer by wearing hats and caps, which helps with the healing process.

Your dream hairstyle by Christmas 

By Christmas 2024, patients could be celebrating with confidence thanks to our tailored summer treatments.

More time for rest and recovery 

Time is an amazing healer and a prolonged vacation is the perfect time to rest, recover and give their hair transplant the aftercare required to speed up the healing process.

Hair grows faster in the summer

Studies show compelling evidence that hair in males based in the UK peaked between March and September in the Anagen phase. This could mean faster hair growth after the procedure.

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