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Creaking Out of Bed? Physiotherapist Advises Treatment for People Suffering from Osteoarthritis

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Are you tired of creaking out of bed in the morning? Mornings can be challenging at the best of times, without the added strain of stiff or aching joints that can put a damper on your day before you’re even out of bed.

Often overlooked as in the ‘inevitable’ part of ageing, many people accept seized up joints upon waking without considering the long-term impact or underlying issue. However, joint stiffness may be an early indication of osteoarthritis (OA), a common chronic joint condition for which a third of those over 45 have sought treatment.

Over time, the ‘wear and tear’ of joints can cause inflammation and accelerate the deterioration of cartilage inside the joint. It’s a painful condition that may occur naturally due to ageing or an active lifestyle. 

Leading physiotherapist Sammy Margo, who has over 30 years experience in treating patients with chronic joint conditions, comments: ‘Joint stiffness or pain, especially in the load-bearing joints such as the knees or lower back, could be a warning sign for the start of something more serious and can affect anyone at any age.’

‘Young adults are just as at risk of developing joint conditions from repetitive injuries or overused as an adult that experiences arthritic conditions due to their age. Joint pain can be worse in the mornings, and it can be a common symptom of a patient who is starting to develop a chronic joint condition such as osteoarthritis.’

Fortunately, simple lifestyle changes at the first sign of joint stiffness and pain can play a valuable role in the protection of joints, Sammy continues: ‘Early intervention is key, especially when dealing with the impact of joint conditions on an ever-ageing population, and by adding a supplement to your daily routine, alongside maintaining a well-balanced and varied diet, can offer additional support to achieving optimal joint health.’

Here are Sammy Margo’s top tips to reduce morning joint stiffness, putting a spring in your step from dawn until dusk:

  • Strengthen and stretch: Strong muscles and regular stretching ensure the joints are well supported. Regular stretching helps to keep joints and tendons flexible. If muscles are tight, the range of motion can feel restricted, adding extra pressure to the joint tissues.
  • Add an anti-inflammatory supplement to your diet: GOPO Joint Health Plus Ginger contains specially cultivated rose-hip powder and ginger, which have been clinically reviewed to reduce joint pain and relieve stiff joints in the morning. The active compound within rose-hip known as GOPO prevents the migration of white blood cells to the inflamed tissues by switching off the genes responsible for inflammation and destruction.
  • Mix up your movements: Adding variety to your workout routines can relieve pressure and reduce the impact on lode-bearing joints. If you’re used to exercising multiple times a week, mix it up. Why not try cycling or focus on your flexibility with a pilates session.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Excess weight puts additional stress on joints which can accelerate the risk of OA, especially in the knees. Studies have shown that every pound of weight loss in obese adults will result in a four-fold reduction in the load exerted on the knee. Losing a few pounds can go a long way to improving your overall health and well-being.
  • Wear appropriate footwear: If you exercise regularly, it’s important to have shoes that offer enough cushioning and support to prevent trauma to the joints and bones. Invest in suitable quality footwear that fits well and is appropriate for the type of exercise you choose to do.

We could all be jumping out of bed in the morning thanks to a rose-hip-based supplement with the added benefits of ginger extract, explicitly aimed at reducing morning joint stiffness and improving muscle recovery while promoting long-term joint health.

According to Sammy Margo: ‘The double anti-inflammatory effects of GOPO and ginger combined provide targeted relief to safeguard your joints and maintain an active lifestyle.’

GOPO Joint Health Plus Ginger is the first UK supplement to contain the unique combination of ginger extracts with the potent anti-inflammatory GOPO – a galactolipid extracted from the seeds and husks of the Rosa-canina plant. It has been shown to protect, potentially even regenerate, cartilage and improve joint flexibility while relieving joint pain.

Ginger has also been shown to activate anti-inflammatory proteins, reducing morning joint stiffness, relieving pain, and improving mobility in people living with arthritis. The dual-action benefits of both compounds make this new combination a formidable force in the future of joint health improvement and preservation while reducing the need for painkillers.

GOPO Joint Health Plus Ginger is available to purchase from Amazon pharmacies nationwide.  

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