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Treatment of Ankle Arthritis

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Ankle arthritis is a chronic disease that affects the ankle joint. As a consequence, it becomes difficult for a patient to walk. It is easy to miss the initial stages of the pathology, which is why patients often seek help at the advanced stages, when conservative treatment is no longer effective.

To undergo diagnostics and treatment at state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, many patients choose foreign hospitals. The most popular countries for the treatment of ankle arthritis are Israel and Germany. Here you will find the most innovative treatments.

How to detect arthritis

Arthritis is a systemic inflammatory process that affects joints. The disease manifests itself by fever, weakness and sweating. The pain is constant, it has varying intensity and localization. As the disease progresses, the joints become deformed and swollen. Without timely treatment, arthritis can lead to a reduction in the patient’s quality of life.

The most common diagnostic options include X-ray examination, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. If the patient requires additional examination, arthroscopy can be performed. This method is more accurate, but also more invasive. These examination methods allow the disease to be detected at the earliest stages, significantly increasing the treatment efficiency.

Up-to-date treatment

Treatment of ankle arthritis in modern hospitals abroad is chosen individually, taking into account the stage and clinical course of the disease. First of all, patients receive medications and vitamin supplements. Physical therapy to relieve inflammation and pain is administered as well.

At advanced stages, when conservative treatment of ankle arthritis does not bring results, surgical manipulations may be required, such as endoprosthetics and reconstructive operations. With their help, it is possible not only to alleviate symptoms, but also to restore the function of the ankle.

The most radical but effective method is total ankle replacement. Although this method requires a high precision from the physician, it is currently one of the few methods of treatment of patients with advanced forms of the disease. After an ankle replacement, each patient undergoes a course of rehabilitation in comfortable wards, under the close supervision of medical staff.

Advantages of treatment abroad

Thanks to the use of reliable materials, modern ankle prostheses have a long lifespan. They also have a minimal risk of further complications. Innovative types of prostheses contain artificial menisci, which soften the pressure during walking.

Joint replacement allows the patient to wear any shoes, walk on uneven surfaces, and perform physical activity without discomfort. Thus, total ankle replacement significantly improves the patient’s quality of life compared to the older methods of treatment. Patients report a significant improvement in their well-being one week after surgery.

Treatment of arthritis during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

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Treatment at the best hospitals without additional fees

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