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5 Surprising Reasons Why Travelling Is Good for Your Mental Health

Rona dela Rosa

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced to limit the social interactions due to lockdown restrictions. As the majority can’t freely travel for leisure and are now working and studying from home, leisure travelling is considered as one of the desirable things to do, before this year ends.

Aside from a quick escape from the new work and study routine, travelling is also beneficial to our mental health

Serves as a stress reliever

The stress level from the daily demands of work from home can be distracted by those things that we find interesting. Taking a break is essential for our mind to feel recharged and relaxed.

One good way to feel rejuvenated is to pack your bags and cross out your bucket list. Going on a trip, promotes happiness from stressful work situations, especially on dealing with the new normal work schedule. As simple sightseeing, exploring places and taking pictures can be considered the most relaxed activities to do when travelling. 

Reconnects to self-development

Exploring places on a road trip teaches us to know more about ourselves. The first-time travellers to other countries or unfamiliar destinations help us to reassess, reinvent and reevaluate our life. Travelling expands our horizons to realise the possibilities of life.

Life’s lessons that travelling brings us to broaden our perspective to understand different cultures and society. Discovering new places is the start of the transition as it helps us to interact with the world around us. This gives us purpose to be stronger and independent. 

Cultivates happiness

Travelling helps us to rewire our brain from the daily workload and study grind, this boosts our self-confidence, and our life feels more fulfilling when learning from new experiences.

Research has shown that learning new things and exploring new places is a new source of happiness. From the planning up to the whole trip can increase one’s happiness. Travelling makes a traveller look forward to something new in the next destination. 

Allows us to focus on being resilient 

Living on tough situations and going on exciting destinations strengthens your emotional and mental state. Getting out of your comfort zone by facing unfamiliar places and meeting new people makes you emotionally strong, independent and more patience.

Facing difficulties while travelling helps you deal with work and study issues with patience. Travelling teaches us to accept situations calmly and more resilient

Develops creativity 

Travelling stimulates in-depth creativity as travellers engage with the local culture and improve productivity. Going on a short holiday might be stressful for some but planning your trip property enhances your creativity in doing activities and enjoying even you are on a short time vacation. 


After returning from a short vacation or a long trip, you must assess your experience if it was pleasurable. The wonderful things that travelling brings to your mind add to your readiness to face again daily workload and plan for your next travel destination. 

Rona dela Rosa is the content manager of Psychreg. She is an Associate Professor at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan.


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