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Travel Made Easy: Pushchairs for Stress-Free Holiday Getaways

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There’s nothing like spending some time away with your family. But whether it is your first trip with a little one or you’re experienced in it, there might be some challenges that come with transporting your kid, but there doesn’t have to be.

Kelly Nairne, marketing director at Bugaboo, says: “Whether simply seeing a family or going on a holiday, travelling with your little one isn’t always easy – but it should be. Travelling with your baby or toddler can often change the routines you’ve put in place, however there are plenty of ways that you can ensure the easiest travel for both you and your little one – no matter the distance.”

Travelling by car

Depending on your journey, you’re likely to fill your car to the brim. Whether it is taking your child to a long staycation or packing for the beach, making sure you’ve got everything you need is important when caring for a little one. 

Kelly said: “Remembering everything you need while caring for a little one is a task in itself, so making this easier is important. A lightweight and compact baby stroller could be the answer. Find one that can easily be folded and unfolded when you need to make a stop along the way or explore the beautiful surroundings of your destination.”

Seamless plane journeys

Plane journeys are not as effortless as loading everything in the car because you have to follow certain luggage restrictions. Yet, with the right pushchair and preparation, you can ensure a seamless journey. So, what type of stroller should you bring on the plane?

Navigating cabin allowances

While most airlines allow you to check in a stroller for free and keep it in the hold, you might want to make use of the possibility of bringing it in the cabin with you and having it available at every stage of your journey. In that case, you need to make sure that the stroller fits the carry-on luggage requirements.

There are plenty of travel-friendly pushchairs that go beyond the umbrella and backpack strollers and are IATA-compatible. A foldable one that is particularly compact, collapsible, and lightweight can meet the restrictions.

Ease at every step of the way

Look for practical features such as an easy one-hand fold and a strap to help you carry it, a reclining option for your baby’s comfort, and a four-wheel suspension for handling uneven ground in the buzz of historical cities or the beautiful countryside. 

A narrow design proves advantageous in navigating tight spaces, making it easy to pass through small doorways and aircraft aisles and move through crowded areas.

“When looking for an airplane-friendly stroller, you shouldn’t compromise on either design or comfort. There are strollers that prioritise your baby’s sleep by providing the perfect reclining angle for naptime while ensuring it is ready to tackle the road ahead. A first-class baby experience and a high-quality design are key features when choosing a travel-friendly stroller such as Bugaboo Butterfly,” said Kelly.


Kelly continued: “Travel is made easier when you have the right accessories for your journey. A stroller isn’t simply just somewhere for your little one to sit comfortably; it is their little home pod during your travel where they will enjoy new adventures, see new sites, eat new food and more. And with a host of accessories available, you can tailor your pushchair for what you need on each occasion.”

Depending on when, and where, you’re planning to travel, you’re likely to experience different weather conditions than what you can expect at home. Luckily, your pushchair is the perfect item to help keep your child comfortable, no matter the weather. Make sure you’re planning ahead and finding the right accessories for you – from a wool-lined footmuff to keep your child warm during cold walks or a sun canopy to keep your child in the shade during hot flashes in the sun. Whatever the weather, customising your pushchair to suit can be the best way to provide the right comfort and convenience for you and your child – making your journey that little bit easier. 

Other accessories can also be used to help provide convenience to your travels. Remember a cup holder to help keep you and your partner hydrated during the journey – the stroller isn’t only for your child but a useful tool for you, too, so keep drinks and snacks on board for those long days out. 

Top travel tips with a pushchair

Travelling the world without limits comes in easy reach when you’ve got the right equipment and products by your side – and here are a few tips to help get you started on your journey, near or far:

  • Airport security. If your stroller folds easily, it can smoothly pass through the X-ray machine; otherwise, a manual inspection may be necessary. It can also be your key to keeping your child safe and sleepy during those early morning flights, as they can stay in the stroller all the way to your onboarding. To seamlessly navigate airport security, remove any accessories or items from the stroller’s pockets or storage compartments before reaching the security checkpoint.
  • Car boot compatibility. Ensure that your stroller is compatible with your car’s storage space. Measure the dimensions of your car’s boot to confirm that the stroller can easily fit without taking up excessive space.
  • Get a travel bag. Invest in a stroller travel or gate check bag to protect your stroller in the car or on the plane. These bags not only shield the stroller from potential damage but also provide extra space for essentials such as nappies, saving suitcase space.
  • Car seat compatibility. If you plan to use an infant car seat, look for a stroller compatible with your car seat model. Travel systems allow you to seamlessly transfer your child from the car to the stroller.
  • Easy manoeuvrability. Opt for a stroller with good manoeuvrability. Navigating through crowded airports requires a stroller that turns smoothly and is easy to steer. Swivel wheels and a responsive design are valuable features.
  • Coordinate with travel companions. If travelling with another adult, coordinate to make bringing a stroller into the cabin more manageable. Discuss who will handle the stroller and consider distributing responsibilities.

Investing in a compact, lightweight, and feature-rich stroller ensures a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for both you and your partner in crime. Embrace the winter season with top-notch travel defined by your own style and comfort.

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