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Online Travel Experience That Helps Alleviate Mental Health Issues During Lockdown

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Crowd partnered with Dorset Mind to create a solution for the challenges we’re all facing now: lockdown and social isolation. Crowd understood the implications that these two factors have on the mind, and therefore created a digital experience that aims to alleviate mental health issues caused by the new restrictions.

The platform Crowd created for the experience contains diverse Dorset locations that users can access from their homes. They wanted this experience to be as authentic as possible, so we added real sounds from the places you’re ‘visiting’. Each view is subtly animated and looped so you can spend a quiet moment or longer if you’d like. To further help with meditation, they also added other relaxing sounds that you can choose from, on-screen prompts, inspirational quotes, and animated directions on breathing.

Simplicity is key. The experience is very easy to navigate, and it can be done on all devices as well as on Smart TV, so you can enjoy it at home with your whole family or on your lunch break. Simply select your favourite location, choose your preferred sound, and reconnect with some of Dorset’s most relaxing views.

Jamie Sergeant, Global CEO at Crowd, says: ‘We’d like to thank our friends at Jurassic Coast Trust and Visit Dorset, who have helped us to source some fantastic photography. The design team at Crowd then worked their magic to create subtly animated scenes which bring the outdoors in; until we can visit them again in person. We hope to expand the functionality of My Dorset Mind to other locations as well, as we believe it helps during these challenging times.’

Dr Andy Mayers, Dorset Mind’s Patron and Principal Academic at Bournemouth University, adds: ‘Mindfulness is a proven method to alleviate symptoms of poor mental health. The “My Dorset Mind” project brilliantly captures our beautiful Dorset scenery and uses that along with aids to help the viewer relax. This will really help people at a time when they need it most. I love it.’

For those who need mental health support, please head towards Dorset Mind’s website. The charity has been helping those in need for over 70 years, but the Coronavirus, the associated lockdown, and loss of income for many is producing a unique situation where their services are needed more than ever.

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