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Asia’s First Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment Programme Launched in Thailand

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The Cabin Group in Chiang Mai, a leading provider of premium addiction treatment services, are proud to announce the launch of Asia’s first gender responsive, trauma-informed addiction treatment for women, ‘Rise‘. The 10-week Rise programme will be delivered in the heart of Asia using Western treatment methods combined with Eastern practices and philosophies. Uniquely, the programme is designed by women, run by women and welcomes all women.

Gary Denson, CEO at The Cabin Group says: ‘The Cabin is extremely proud and excited to launch the exclusively female designed Rise programme. Rise is an enhanced trauma-informed addiction treatment programme, which is delivered over 10 weeks. What I love most about our Rise programme is the empowerment it gives our clients. It is a refreshingly new approach, reassuring both client and their loved ones of a robust and sustainable recovery.’

Recent data from the Office of National Statistics in the UK found that 1.3 million females have experienced domestic abuse in the past year (that is, partner/ex-partner abuse (non-sexual), family abuse (non-sexual) and sexual assault or stalking carried out by a current or former partner or other family member). What’s more, 27.1% of women had experienced domestic abuse since the age of 16, equivalent to an estimated 4.5 million female victims. This can have a profound impact on a woman’s life, and it is estimated that up to 80% of women who are seeking treatment for addiction report a lifetime history of sexual assault, physical assault, or both.

Despite clear evidence that most women who are seeking treatment for addictions have been exposed to early and multiple traumatic experiences, standard treatment programs do not typically assess or target these traumatic experiences, which can hinder or prolong their recovery.

Trauma interventions which are tailored towards women are essential for successful recovery from addiction. Women with trauma informed addiction may need different interventions than men to heal from the experience of traumatic events, and the new Rise programme is one of the first programmes to offer a revolutionary treatment approach designed specifically for women.

Michael Gillis, Chief Clinical Officer at The Cabin Group says: ‘Since joining The Cabin, creating a distinct space that supports women and their unique recovery process has been a priority. All of the clinical research shows that clients fare better in gender specific treatment settings. We have the opportunity to combine the best of Eastern and Western clinical practice in order to deliver forward thinking to women and their families.’

The Rise programme is based upon a combination of the highly effective Women’s Integrated Treatment model by Dr Stephanie Covington and The Cabin Groups Recovery Zones model, and utilises DBT, EMDR, TRE, ACT, creative arts and Eastern wellness practices informed by a deep understanding of addiction and trauma.

The programme aims to discover, empower and aspire women to take back control of their lives through a non-judgemental, safe, secure, single-sex environment. Women are supported by an all-female continuing care team, a family therapist and an onsite nurses’ station, housed within a community village of up to 38 women. The programme counsellors are experts in recovery from addiction and trauma and are uniquely placed to help other women to recover from their addiction.

The Rise Programme will primarily help women to recover from the following:

  • Primary addictions: chemical (alcohol, prescription medications, drugs)
  • Process: gambling, gaming, social media, work and exercise
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Mood disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Attachment disorders
  • Disordered eating
  • Self-Injurious behavior issues
  • Love and intimacy issues

Rise’s Clinical Lead Paula Shields has a lot of experience working alongside women in the field of addiction treatment. Paula began her career in addiction treatment in 2001. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Queen’s University and is qualified as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Certified Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Professional (CDBT) and, in addition has been trained in EMDR (Level 1).

Paula is passionate about educating and empowering women to seek recovery and utilises her skills in group facilitation as well as individual counselling sessions at The Cabin.

Speaking about the launch of Rise, she says: ‘Addiction by its very nature disconnects people from others and themselves. Therefore, our gender-responsive program for women has an emphasis on connection and growth-fostering relationships.

The Cabin is striving for world class clinical excellence, and I see the launch of our Rise programme as a pioneering step forward, ensuring that our clients are given the very best treatment. For me, this is more than addiction treatment. It’s about changing people’s lives by changing their understanding of what’s possible for them. Even in our darkest moments we can Rise.’

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