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Trans-Identified Male Charged with Voyeurism After Allegedly Photographing Woman in Office Toilet

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A trans-identified male in Northwest Arkansas is facing charges of voyeurism and tampering with evidence after allegedly being caught photographing a woman in the female toilet of a corporate office. Cameron Pershall, 45, who also goes by the name Natalie Hannah Pershall, was arrested in May in relation to an incident that occurred at the JB Hunt Corporate Office in July 2021, according to police.

The alleged victim, a JB Hunt employee, claimed she was using the women’s toilet when she noticed a mobile phone being held under the stall divider wall to her left. She said a photo appeared to have been taken of her after she saw the camera pointing in her direction. The woman confronted the voyeur, asking “Did you just take a picture of me?” to which the person holding the camera replied “No,”.

The woman recognised the person as Pershall. Security camera footage confirmed Pershall had been holding a mobile phone matching the description given by the woman on the day of the incident.

When interviewed by JB Hunt Human Resources, Pershall allegedly explained he had gone into the toilet due to a panic attack and dropped his phone, catching it just before it hit the ground.

After filing a police report, detectives spoke to JB Human Resources and tried to recreate Pershall’s version of events but were unable to do so. Police subsequently seized multiple electronic devices from Pershall’s home, including storage devices, a computer and an iPhone.

Upon examining the devices, detectives believed Pershall had attempted to wipe both the iPhone and portions of a computer hard drive to conceal evidence. Internet history showed searches for how to recover iPhone data after a factory reset and how to erase a hard drive.

Apple was contacted to restore deleted phone content. Detectives found photographs, including one of an unidentified person sitting on a toilet with their trousers down. This and other data led detectives to conclude Pershall may have a fetish related to urination or toilets.

Following his arrest, Pershall was booked into Benton County Jail and charged with video voyeurism and tampering with physical evidence. He is due to appear in court for a hearing.

Despite police recording Pershall as male, local media referred to him as a woman in headlines. Records show Pershall first filed to change his name from Cameron to Natalie in 2016.

Historic social media indicates Pershall had a blog where he offered insights on culture and wrote horror stories. In one 2015 post, he referred to himself as a “little girl”.

Police stated Pershall was booked as male and that biological reality takes precedence over ideology in Arkansas.

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