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Track Cheating Spouse with 3 Best Apps on Google Maps

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If you are looking for an easy but effective method to keep an eye on your spouse – that’s the right place to be. There are ways to reveal your spouse’s infidelity if you start suspecting it and they don’t want to tell the truth. In this article, you will learn how to track cheating spouses on Google Maps easily.

What is behind the need to spy on your spouse?

So, why would someone want to track their spouse’s phone? Is it inevitable to interfere with their privacy? Many choose Google Maps location tracking to check on their spouses or partners because of infidelity issues. According to a study by the Cheating Buster, men and women may have different reasons to cheat. Some people try to find an ideal partner, while others are eager to satisfy all their needs.

Having experienced traumatic relationships or simply infidelity, some folks favour using a tracker to be protected against mistreatment in the future. But others may track someone on Google Maps out of curiosity. Regardless of your motives, try speaking with your SO before resorting to extreme measures.

Apps to monitor your spouse’s location on Google Maps

The easiest way to reveal whether your spouse is honest with you is to view their whereabouts. Get familiar with these 3 apps for GPS tracking on Google Maps and choose the best one for your tracking needs.

Localize.mobi – Worldwide location tracker to use safely

Real-time location tracking on Google Maps is simple with Localize.mobi. It’s super easy to use: type the desired phone number in the dedicated field on the official website. The tracker will send a tracking link with the message to the targeted phone number. The software needs a few seconds to find the location of your spouse’s phone number on the map.

Moreover, its subscription plan allows you to locate numerous cell phones regardless of their location or time of the day.

Mobile Tracker Free Multifunctional tracker for different needs

It is a multifunctional monitoring software with many tracking features. With Mobile Tracker Free, you can use Google Maps to track your phone and receive a history of the targeted device’s GPS positions. But that’s not all. You will get data about longitude, latitude, dates, and location addresses.

Moreover, this tracker lets you retrieve your spouse’s position using a mobile network. So don’t worry if your spouse decides to turn off the GPS. The tracker will do the job anyway. 

Last but not least, it offers many monitoring features for free that work without rooting or jailbreaking.

GEOfinder.mobi – Location tracker by phone number for fast monitoring

GEOfinder cell phone location tracker is another robust tracking software. It works on any cell phone model and with all network operators. The GEOfinder working principle is simple: put your spouse’s phone number into the search field on their website. The app will generate an SMS with a tracking link and send it to the recipient. 

Noticeably, you may generate unlimited location requests. Wait until the phone number owner taps on the link to share their location and monitor their whereabouts on Google Maps.

Is the game worth the candle: benefits of tracking your spouse’s phone on Google Maps

Each couple gets different advantages and disadvantages from tracking their location. Sometimes, the desire to view your spouse’s whereabouts leads to misunderstandings and conflicts, but in other circumstances, it improves relationships. So, the main benefits of tracking your spouse’s phone are:

  • It’s easier to check whether your spouse is honest about how and where they spend their time.
  • Piece of mind about their safety
  • Locating their lost phone
  • Planning time together gets easier

FAQs About Methods of Tracking

  • How do I turn off Google Maps tracking? First, go to your Google account, then tap on the “Privacy and Personalisation” section. There is “Manage your data and privacy” available. Click on it and go to Location History. Tap “turn off”. Ensure that none are on your location-sharing list.
  • How do I enable location sharing in Google Maps? To enable location sharing in Google Maps, sign into Google Maps first. Tap on your profile picture and go to the location sharing part. Go to “New Share.” At this point, choose how much time you want to share your location and the people you want to share it with. Tap “Share” to start.
  • How do I track a phone number on Google Maps? You may choose any phone number tracker mentioned in the article, like GEOfinder or Mobile Tracker Free. The app will send a tracking link to the targeted phone number. The sharing begins once the link is tapped.

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