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Another Smash Hit Relaxed Performance for the Towngate Theatre

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Dr Anna Kennedy OBE and one of her charity ambassadors Aston Avery were pleased to support and attend once again this year’s Anna Kennedy Online’s relaxed performance of Dick Whittington. The Towngate Theatre in Basildon once again opened its doors for a very special performance of the pantomime, which is for the sole purpose of welcoming those who would not usually be able to join in the festivities of a panto.

A relaxed performance of the pantomime, consisted of a calmer setting for the performance and the theatre to suit the occasion. The theatre announcements were minimal to none, the house lights were up at around 50 per cent and many of the bumps and jumps throughout the performance were edited so that the performance was accessible to all. Before the show started some of the cast came on stage to talk through the storyline and explain some of the scenes, costumes and props that would be used in the show.

The theatre once again invited charities one of which was Anna Kennedy. A number of charities who are dedicated to supporting various causes from all across Essex attended the event. Anna Kennedy and her charity champion couple Dawn and Keith Avery shared :

‘There was such lovely atmosphere at the theatre; lots of laughter and families attending and you could feel that they enjoyed the experience without being judged. We were pleased to see so many families attend and it was a joy to hear children laugh and giggle at the pantomime characters. Many of the children sang and stoop up and danced to the music. ‘

Anna Kennedy and Aston Avery were both invited behind stage to meet some of the cast to talk about this year’s relaxed performance. They both congratulated the cast for once again creating special memories for many of the audience’s families. 

Both Anna and Aston also talk host ‘All Things Autism in Essex’ every first Thursday of the month on Gateway Radio 97.8 . Basildon is well on it’s way in becoming an autism-friendly and inclusive town. 

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