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Top 11 Ways to Stay Calm During a Stressful Times

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Experiencing heightened stress due to the increasing pressures of daily life is a common phenomenon. This stress might escalate during challenging situations, becoming difficult to manage. Rest assured, this is a shared experience, resonating with many individuals across various life scenarios.

Everyday situations can contribute to this stress, from the pursuit of a coveted job to handling personal challenges, or even dealing with global crises. The diverse nature of these sources indicates the pervasive presence of stress.

Despite these factors, the encouraging aspect lies in the existence of effective strategies designed to maintain calm and composure. By employing these techniques, it’s possible to navigate through life’s difficulties with relative ease and composure.

Try herbal medications

Herbal medications often evoke questions regarding their efficacy and potential health benefits. The response to both inquiries is affirmative.

The effectiveness and speed of herbal treatments may indeed astonish some individuals. A significant advantage of these natural remedies is the holistic relaxation they offer, potentially mitigating various forms of stress. Their enduring presence across centuries stands as testament to their utility.

The range of herbal products is vast, extending from simple herbal teas to CBD-infused items. These natural products are meticulously designed to provide comfort, even amidst potentially chaotic circumstances.

These days you can so easily find decent herbal healing products online. Shops like Carolinahemphut sell wellness items that can help you reduce stress and anxiety, some of which can help you rejuvenate your body.

Breathing exercises 

Breathing exercises – This may sound a lot simple, but in reality, it holds a lot of power. In fact, to your surprise, a few deep breaths are enough to lessen your stress like magic, no matter how big the problem is. 

So, whenever you feel like the tension is building up, make sure to take a moment to focus on your breath. It’s a bit different than how you breathe in and out normally.

This is how it is done: Inhale deeply through your nose, afterward start exhaling slowly through your mouth, and lastly, repeat this a few times. Soon you will feel the positive energy flowing and the stress going out.

Admit that you are feeling anxious or angry

Do you sometimes feel like a boiling kettle ready to burst? In that case, your first task is to acknowledge and accept the emotions flowing through your head and mind. Because the moment you start admitting it, the sooner you will begin to feel calm. 

Many people may say this is the wrong technique to follow. But don’t let their talks get you. Instead, learn to admit things. 

Try talking with a trusted friend or a family member about the things bothering you. Believe it or not, venting out and pouring your heart is one of the most effective tactics that can prove to be extremely helpful.

After all, we are normal human beings at the end of the day. And it’s totally okay to feel anxious or angry at any difficult times. After all, it’s a part of life, and as the famous proverb goes by, “Life is not a bed of roses.” 

Challenge your own thoughts

Sometimes our own mind plays tricks on us, making things appear more challenging than, in reality, they are. We all have that little voice in our head that, most of the time, jumps to negative thoughts and keeps on repeating things until we reach the peak level.

If you reach there, you may end up wanting to give up. This is where you need to turn the tables with your mind, much like fighting with your own thoughts. 

How to do it? Take a step back and rewind all the thoughts and imaginations from a different perspective. Come to your exact senses and think, are they really logical and based on facts or just mere assumptions? 

Well, it’s human nature to make a mountain out of a molehill. So, the next time your mind tries to overthink, make sure to fight back and boldly question yourself about those thoughts. You will find the answers right away.

Visualise yourself calm

Another effective strategy to keep yourself calm and composed is visualizing yourself. It’s really helpful, and the result is truly astonishing.

For instance, the moment you feel like the tension is getting on your nerves, close your eyes at that very instant and picture yourself in a totally peaceful environment – away from every kind of disturbance and stress. 

It could be anything, such as a sunny beach, a quiet forest or maybe the soothing oceanic waves. This completely depends on the things and surroundings that make you feel the most comfort. 

That is, the ultimate goal is to immerse yourself in such a relaxing environment – taking your focus away from all the tensions of life.

Identify pressure points to calm anger and anxiety 

Do you feel super anxious, like the world is closing in on you? If so, knowing the pressure points can be a total game-changer. 

They are so helpful and effective in dealing with anger issues and anxiety disorder that with their help, you can take full charge of your emotions and thus soothe yourself.

This can be as simple as applying gentle pressure or messaging specific areas such as hands, neck, and face to release the buildup tension and at the same time, promote relaxation. 

However, you need to find out which pressure points work the best for you, as what works for the other person may not bring the same result for you as well.

Get some fresh air

Nature has a very unique way of soothing our bodies and mind. In fact, they are so good for you that only a short walk in a nearby park or opening a window is enough to calm all your senses. 

And with each inhale, you will feel like breathing in positivity while exhaling all the stresses and worries. 

In other words, it works like a total magic spell.

Whether it be the beautiful sights, the sounds of nature, or maybe the smells – just stepping outside and getting some fresh air is more than enough to feel relaxed and become cool. So, whenever you feel tension, make sure to step outside and let mother nature take care of everything.

Chew gum 

Chewing gum might seem an unexpected solution to stress, yet its simplicity belies its potential benefits. Upon engaging in the act of chewing gum, an immediate, uncomplicated diversion may occur, potentially reducing stress levels.

In addition to providing a distraction, this straightforward act could potentially grant the mind respite from excessive rumination or pervasive negative thoughts. Thus, something as unassuming as chewing gum can offer significant support in managing stress.

Listen to music

There is nothing new to say about music. They work like a total charm in soothing the soul and calming the mind. 

Be it your favorite track or just a relaxing instrumental melody – the right kind of music has a special ability to transport one to a whole new world. 

Listening to music is very good for your health and wellness. From lowering the heart rate to lessening anxiety levels and even helping one to sleep better – the list goes on!

Therefore, whenever you feel like the stress is starting to crawl, just put on your headphones and let the world of music lift your mood along with bringing a certain kind of calmness to your super hectic life.

Watch funny videos

Staying happy is undoubtedly the best medicine of all time. The more you laugh and try to be happy, the more the stress will stay away from you.

That much powerful the laugh of a person is!

Hence, whenever things don’t happen according to the plan and you feel all stressed out, make sure to take a short break and indulge yourself in some funny activities so that the giggles can wash away all your pain and worries.

For instance, you can watch any funny videos from Youtube, Facebook, or any other social media platform. It can be any cute animal videos, stand-up comedy, or any other funny clips. 

Squeeze a stress ball

A stress ball is another effective squishy little wonder that can put an end to your stresses by releasing all that pent-up energy. 

All you have to do is hold the stress ball in your hand and keep giving it a good squeeze until all the buildup tension is gone. 

With each squeeze, you will feel the pressure leaving your body. And for the best part? You can carry this portable stress reliever with you anywhere you go.

Wrapping up

With these eleven handy strategies, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenges that might pop up.

Remember, stress is like a stormy season: it doesn’t stick around forever. So, when stress comes knocking next time, meet it head-on with strength and inner peace.

Don’t sweat it, you’ve totally got this!

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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