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Top Tips to Pass Your ACLS Certification Exam

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Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) is a vital aspect of emergency medical treatment. Most healthcare providers must get their ACLS certification to offer continuous care and support during emergencies. You must take a course and pass the exam that your provider accepts in order to receive your certification. The tips for seeking ACLS and PALS certification are different. This blog will discuss the top tips for passing your ACLS certification exam. This will help you gain study tips and acquire top strategies to prepare well for your examination.

Tips to pass the ACLS certification exam

Passing an ACLS certification is easy, only if you have the right tips handy. 

1. Review the case scenarios. A large portion of the certification course covers selected cases that you will likely encounter at specific points in your career. The procedures and information are the result of testing and analysis that help improve the efficiency of ACLS. Along with recognising the signs and symptoms in a specific situation, it is crucial to understand the treatment procedures. It does not involve any one particular way, which is why it is essential to review multiple case scenarios to be comfortable addressing varied situations.

2. Memorise the algorithms. Algorithms are a crucial part of ACLS examinations and are essential for participants to master. The algorithms are a flowchart of procedures to follow to treat specific situations. Knowing these algorithms is mandatory. It depends on your learning procedure, as everyone has a distinct learning style and preference. Hence, choose a method that works best for you.

3. Learn the medications and doses. This is another approach that will help you identify the medications and doses. Knowing the right dosage and medication is critical to any medical emergency, and mistakes can be fatal. It is also crucial to study the ACLS medications to suit your learning style. One method that is popular among test-takers is mnemonic devices. The use of the technique triggers memory retention abilities. This is helpful during the ACLS exam and during emergencies. For example, a common mnemonic device helps recall the possible treatment options for several forms of bradycardia.

4. Learn the H’s and T’s. Sticking with a mnemonic device helps you remember your H’s and T’s, which enables you to comprehend the ACLS algorithms. The H’s and T’s help you understand the algorithms. These are the possible causes that might be present in your patient, and they include:


  • Hypoxia
  • Hydrogen ion
  • Hypothermia
  • Hypovolemia
  • Hyper- or hypokalaemia


  • Tamponade (pericardial tamponade)
  • Toxins
  • Thrombosis (Acute Coronary Syndrome)
  • Tension Pneumothorax
  • Thrombosis (Pulmonary Embolus)

5. Understand the basic ECGs. The ability to react and understand ECGs is critical to your ACLS examination. The rhythm and the heart rate are essential and need ACLS training. Most people studying for the examination have experience with ECGs and are mostly familiar with them. If you are, however, not comfortable with this, there are several ways in which you can improve your understanding. ECG simulators and YouTube videos help refresh and enhance your knowledge. Hence, it is recommended to take an ECG course prior to earning an ACLS certification.

6. Take practice tests. Practice tests are a great resource for studying the material and understanding your current level of knowledge. Additionally, it also enables you to become familiar with the structure of a specific examination.

What are the ACLS test-taking strategies?

Here are the ACLS test-taking strategies:

  • Answer easier questions. Do not waste time being stuck with a specific question. If you are not aware of an answer, then move on and come back to it later. Do not get caught up with a specific question that makes you frustrated. It must not affect your ability to answer the rest of the questions on the ACLS examination.
  • Read the questions well. Take your time to slow down and read the questions carefully. Avoid misinterpreting the questions to avoid giving the wrong answers. Take your time to ensure that you comprehend each question well before answering it.
  • Relax and breathe. This is one of the most efficient pieces of advice. The algorithm can be overwhelming. When it comes to taking the test, it is crucial to stay calm and trust the process to prepare yourself well.


Online ACLS certifications equip you with crucial knowledge to offer prompt help. Choose a reputed programme that is evidence-based and structured correctly. Dive into ACLS and get a certification to prove your ability to perform prompt ACLS interventions. Get ACLS and PALS certifications to master the care strategies for adult and paediatric patients, respectively.

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