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3 Top Skincare Trends for 2023

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We are in a new era of skincare where consumers are more educated and expect more results than ever before. ​ In 2023, key trends arise to meet these demands. Dermoi‘s Chief Scientific Officer outlines 3 top skincare trends for the upcoming year.

Nutraceuticals for holistic skincare

The skin is the body’s largest organ and microbiome. It comes as no surprise that the skin is deeply affected by internal health and nutrient intake. In 2023, caring for skin will continue to involve an inside-out approach.

Many beneficial nutrients are not properly absorbed by the body when formulated into a tablet or capsule. They are often destroyed in gastric acid, do not have the molecular properties to pass the gut wall, and so on. ​ Formulations called nutraceuticals that contain bioactive ingredients and have been engineered to be absorbed by the body will be at the forefront of skincare this coming year.

Science-backed delivery systems

The skin is an extremely strong barrier that is designed to keep pathogens, dirt and toxins out. It is not permeable to many ingredients leaving the majority of topical skincare products in the market ineffective.

Topical skincare is becoming more and more advanced year after year. Delivery systems can provide a variety of benefits as they can keep active ingredients stable, increase penetration, increase molecular specificity, and slowly release actives into the skin.

In 2023, clinically-proven delivery systems will continue to emerge on the market and will grow in popularity.

Active cosmeceuticals for all skin types and tones

Active ingredients are the ingredients responsible for the benefits of skincare. ​ They have the ability to influence cellular structures or functions and create change. ​ These ingredients are found in medical-grade and cosmeceutical skincare brands. ​

There has been a myth that active skincare is harsh, irritating and strips the skin. This is unravelling as new active ingredients are developed. For example, Dermatopoietin technology by Evenswiss triggers natural cell signalling by your own skin cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. ​ It is extremely effective and causes no irritation.

With a results-driven, intelligent skincare consumer, innovation of new, effective and user-friendly active ingredients will increase in 2023.

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