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Top Reasons Why Basic First Aid Is Essential

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First aid is of vital importance when someone who is sick or injured needs immediate medical assistance. First aid is a term that is associated with immediate medical attention to save life, so that the situation doesn’t get worse before the arrival of any emergency medical help. First aid is a vast category that includes a set of activities from simple dressing to even cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It doesn’t always require to be performed by an expert or medical professional. It can be performed by anyone who has a knowledge and training of it even without particular tools and equipment while improvising on the already available resources.

There can be situations when the injured person only requires the first aid while on the other hand it may be only an initial step to keep the patient alive till any further emergency service is received. Even if the first aid is not mandatory for your job, still having basic knowledge about it can be excessively beneficial.

Here is a list of reasons about the need and importance of first aid.

First aid saves lives

On a yearly basis, a huge number of people getting hurt or injured die due to lack of timely and adequate medical assistance. Cardiac arrest and choking take thousands of lives every year., which can be reduced by prompt first aid. The bystander’s readiness to help the victim can create a huge difference in the survival of the victims. The victim’s chances of survival increase when first aid is given on time while the ambulance is on its way. If there is a person near the victim who knows first aid , can help in saving a life by providing assistance like CPR.     

It relieves pain and discomfort

First aid is also important in non life threatening incidents. In most of the cases the injury causes unbearable pain and can aggravate if not treated on time. Therefore, the nearby trained first aid person using pain relief tactics including the use of cold pack, iced water, anti pain medications can provide assistance to the injured person in pain.  Otherwise, excessive pain can result in physiological changes in glucose level, blood pressure, pulse and breathing. 

It prevents infection

The road accidents, burning of a body, or any other such kind of injury if not treated properly on time or treated poorly can increase the chances of getting dangerous infections afterwards. However, first aid can decrease the likelihood of such infectious events. People around us believe in different myths when it comes to treating an injury, for example some people believe that the use of hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound is acceptable but in reality it worsen the situation by damaging the cells responsible for healing. The process of healing can become rapid with the use of precise first aid training and supplies including clean water, bandages, antiseptics and many more.     

It reduces recovery time

First aid’s another miracle is that it reduces the victim’s recovery time after an injury or sickness. The most suitable example of  this scenario can be the case when halting the excessive blood loss can prevent rigorous problems such as hemorrhagic shock. Otherwise, these problems take longer to be treated and can even cause tissues or organ damage for a certain period of time. The first aid training courses in Leeds are the best considered courses ever as they provide complete training in first aid.  

It lessens the medical expense burden

There can be cases when the injury if not treated on time can aggravate and can turn from a simple problem into a complex health problem, thus leading to more costly treatment requirements to treat the problem. First aid does not necessarily mean that the injured does not need any medical assistance after the first aid treatment. However, there can be times when first aid can resolve the problem and you don’t need to go to the hospital to seek further assistance, saving yourself from costly bills and hassles. In other cases, the first aid would lower the risk of contracting any further infection thus lowering the overall expenses of the professional healthcare treatment.

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