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Top Myths Debunked About Erectile Dysfunction

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The sensitivity of the topic makes it difficult to find the correct information. Myths are all over the internet and are full of incorrect details. When people have erectile dysfunction, they usually feel ashamed and want to find a good source of information about what’s happening to them. Unfortunately, doing the wrong online research might mislead the patient, and more probably, it could cause some harm to the patient psychologically and physically.

This article will introduce the concept of erectile dysfunction and debunk some of the most popular myths online. Here you can read Unified Pharma’s review of Blueachew.  

What is erectile dysfunction?

It’s defined as the man’s disability of having a full sexual relationship with a partner due to a short erection time, a weak erection that’s not firm enough for a sexual relationship, or not having an erection despite the normal sex drive.

Men have erectile dysfunction for various reasons. Some of these reasons are psychological, like overthinking something or life pressure, and other causes could be health issues related to blood pressure or heart trouble.

Myth #1 – Erectile dysfunction is only for older men above the age of 60

That piece of information is totally wrong. Erectile dysfunction is not limited to older men. In fact, statistics have proven that 15% of surveyed men admitted to having erectile dysfunction at least once while under 40 years old.

That fact might not be shocking as the following: among that same group of men under 40 years old, only 25% looked for a treatment for their dysfunction, while 75% never approached a specialist to find a treatment. This is enough to demonstrate how sensitive this topic is and why men don’t like talking about it, leading to widespread myths.

Myth #2 – Erectile dysfunction is only a psychological issue

Despite the significance of the psychological factor in erectile dysfunction, which we can’t ignore at all. The causes are not psychological and are tied to serious health issues in many cases. High blood pressure, heart disease, or other issues can all be responsible for this dysfunction.

The causes vary, and if one man had the dysfunction for a psychological reason, the other might have a totally different cause. Both will have the same symptoms, but not for the same reason.

Why does it matter?

Because treatment differs, treating erectile dysfunction from psychological causes might involve different medications or practices for physical causes and health trouble.

Myth #3 – Treating erectile dysfunction requires a specialist, not a doctor

Admitting it might be tied to health issues drives us back to doctors. At least, starting the treatment process with a doctor is recommended. Sometimes doctors will treat the underlying problem causing the erectile dysfunction, and other times they’ll lead the patient to the correct specialist based on the situation itself. Most importantly, please consult a doctor as doctors are the best source of information regarding body issues.

Myth #4 – There is no other solution for erectile dysfunction than Viagra

The blue bill is famous for its magical effect, and everyone knows about that. However, we can’t ignore the fact that Viagra is a good solution. But is it the only one? Aren’t there any other types of solutions for erectile dysfunction?

There are different types of treatment for dysfunction. For example, changing some prescribed medication could end the trouble. Maybe you are using a treatment for something else that’s causing you erectile dysfunction. Moreover, many other types of pills and treatments can bring erection back to its normal status or even better.

Myth #5 – Not having an erection is because your partner is not sexy

The truth is, sometimes, even with a full sex drive, men will lose their erections, and it’s because erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to do with how attractive the partner is. Seek medical care instead of throwing blame at some non-relevant reasons.


Waking up someday with erectile dysfunction is not the apocalypse or the world’s end. Keep in mind that many other people are facing the same issue. Treatment is available, and following the correct practice will eliminate the problem and bring erection back to the old days. All you need is to avoid myths and trust your body.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in psychology, mental health, and wellness.

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