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The Top Meditation Applications That Can Aid Your Inner Peace

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In today’s busy and hustling world, practicing self-care routines means that for many having meditation within our schedule is a must. Meditation has been scientifically proven to aid those who are coping with large loads of stress within their everyday life. While we all cope differently, and all face different obstacles within life, we can share a love for the peace and tranquillity that is introduced to mind-set and well-being when meditation is practiced. 

While meditation can be quite a new thing to embrace and try for many people, there are multiple applications out there which aim to introduce beginners to practicing meditation successfully. Just like those betting apps that you use to get access to the Best Free Bets, meditation apps can really make you feel lucky and that you have won the jackpot of inner peace. 

Yoga and meditation practices have allowed many people to overcome mental health issues such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression. As after all, we all crave stillness and a moment to reconnect with ourselves-especially with the busyness that the world can bring. The apps down below will help you find the time-out you are searching for.


Headspace is an application that has proved massively popular for those that seek to improve mental health. Developed within California, the founders explored the deeply rooted concept of mediation within science and history, and built upon those foundation blocks. While many often feel intimidated with the world of mediation, this application eases you in gently, meaning beginner levels and beyond are welcome to try it out for themselves. 

Currently the application has 40% of all of its bundles, as well as a 14-day free trial to see if it is for you and the lifestyle that you lead. Apple has scored this a 4.8 rating, meaning it must be worth the hype, right?


Calm is another simply designed application that has managed to resonate to many people globally. With over 700,000 downloads and 5-star reviews across android and Apple, Calm developers certainly have achieved their sole purpose and mission statement of calming their users down.

Calm has many celebrities that have recorded story-time sessions and specialised programmes for users of this app. All you need to do is identify your goal for using this app, and Calm will generate a series of sessions that you can use for some quiet relaxation and self-care. Currently there is a seven-day free trial to which you will be billed annually at the price generated for the region of the world that you reside. 


The next application that you need to consider on your list, is the Superhuman app by Mimi Bouchard. Previously known as Mimi Method, founder Mimi has compiled a series of guided meditations that are solely to ease the mind, motivate and most importantly inspire the higher self, that she believes resonates within us all.

The meditations within this app are flexible and dynamic, meaning you can use them around your lifestyle, no matter how busy it is. There are traditional seated guided meditations, walking and running mediations, as well as recent updated additions known as ‘chilling meditations’. This application is new, exciting and innovative, and just like the other mediation apps within this list, you can start off with a free trial, to make a decision of if this is the one for yourself.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She interested in mental health and well-being.

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