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Top Films about Students and Student Life

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Want to take a look at the life and adventures students, but don’t know where to start? Films about a hostel and students can be of completely different genres: from melodrama and comedy to thriller and horror. 

Some of them are world-famous, while others have gone undeservedly unnoticed. In this selection of films about students and modern youth, you will find both popular films and not so much – completely different genres.

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Blonde in Law

Blonde is unquestionably the best film about students, and it ranks first on this list. Elle Woods, a student, enjoys a fulfilling life as a young girl. She is gorgeous, she is well-liked at her university, and she has a large number of admirers. 

Her partner, on the other hand, believes that she is far too frivolous to be associated with life. He finally leaves her, claiming that he is looking for a serious and bright young lady to date. El does not give up and instead enrolls in Harvard Law School as a lawyer, all the while retaining his laid-back demeanor and fancy interests.

Mona Lisa Smile

The story takes place in the US in 1953. A new young teacher joins the faculty, and the pupils are instantly taken aback by his innovative idea of equal treatment under the law. The new mentor is well-liked by the students, but she is clearly dissatisfied with the way the school is run. However, the film is not only about the influence of teachers on young minds; it also depicts a real-life drama that takes place in the life of the main protagonist.


After attending a student party, two students and their girlfriend were interested in journalism and decided to conduct an experiment: they spread rumors about one of their fellow students to test how soon the rumors could spread. The students eventually realize that their antics have gone too far: the heroine of the gossip turns to the police, her second collaborator is detained, and they no longer know how to put a halt to the whole thing.

Dead Poets Society

This film is appropriate for both individuals who enjoy watching films about universities and those who enjoy watching films with intricate dramatic narratives. Students at the top-ranked US institution are introduced to a new teacher who motivates them to make significant changes in their personal and professional life. 

Students re-establish the literary group and continue to explore artistic endeavors in order to realize their ambitions. Learning difficulties and disagreements with parents and teachers, on the other hand, push students to forsake the life that they have finally learned to control on their own behalf.

Party King

A light comedy about the ‘eternal’ student Van Wilder (a character like that would definitely employ GradeMiners), who has been unable to graduate from college for six years because he is too content with the carefree life of a student, concludes our collection. Much more than the promise of future employment, he enjoys conversation with fellow students and involvement in student vacations and activities. 

As a result of his father’s refusal to pay any further college tuition costs, our hero is forced to make a decision: either to hunt for a job in order to continue hanging out in college, or to finally complete his studies. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character, and the plot is based on notes on the great stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer. Ryan Reynolds plays the lead part.

Other Options

If you enjoy horror films, thrillers, and black comedies (and there are many of these films involving students), “The Faculty” (not to be confused with the television series of the same name, which is also very good) and “Slaughter Vacation” are two well-known classics of student comic horrors… After watching a series of student-oriented films, it will be difficult to move to a more serious cinema right away. 

In contrast, because there are so many films about life at a university or college, there will be enough daily film screenings to last for an additional year. Take into consideration TV series and cartoons like “Helen and the guys,” “Univer,” and other such programs. So, after that, you can move on to the fantasy genre, which has vampire academies and the world’s top school of witchcraft and wizardry, among other things. In general, keep an eye on things.

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