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The Top 10 Most Common Health and Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Them

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Any place can turn hazardous if it is not maintained and optimised for the right safety measures. Health and Safety Hazards can directly affect your workplace and, in turn, the whole business. Therefore, if you want to ensure workplace safety IOSH Training is meant for you. IOSH tranining equips employees and managers with the knowledge and skills needed to foster a culture of safety, thereby reducing accidents and improving overall productivity. Investing in IOSH Training not only safeguards the well-being of your staff but also protects the long-term viability of your business.

Understanding the most common health and safety hazards

Anything that reduces your productivity and possess threat to your health and safety can be termed as a hazard. These hazards can be of various types such as biological, physical, chemical, or psychological etc. Some of the Most Common Health and Safety Hazards are as follows:

    • Biological hazards. This is a type of hazard which a biological agent, like viruses, bacteria, fungi etc, causes. These hazards can be spread through physical contact or via other mediums such as air and water.
    • Physical hazards. It is one of the most common hazards, and if avoided for longer, it can become a tragedy. It includes physical risk from old machinery, fire, heights etc.
    • Chemical hazards. In industries that use harmful chemicals, it is important to ensure the safety of chemical hazards. These hazards can be caused by direct or indirect contact with substances such as acids, poisonous gases etc.
    • Ergonomic hazards. Do you feel tired all the time? Well, ergonomic hazards can be the reason. It is basically caused by working with a bad posture, not taking breaks, and putting stress on the body.
    • Psychological hazards. If not taken into consideration on time, it can turn into a deep mental issue. Psychological hazard is caused by taking high stress, bullying in public, harassment etc.
    • Slips and falls. It is easy to fall or slip on a wet or slippery surface. Slips and falls are the major reason that causes injuries in the workplace.   
    • Environmental hazards. It has a direct effect on your physical and mental health. Working in uncertain temperatures, high noise, and exposure to radiation are some examples of environmental hazards.
    • Suffocating workplace. A space with low ventilation and poor air quality can possibly add to a variety of safety hazards. It reduces productivity and is prone to transmittable diseases.
    • Mishandling. It can be caused by human error in performing repetitive tasks and laborious work routines. Additionally, not being attentive while moving heavy items can also lead to hazard risks.
    • Infrastructure hazards: Poor infrastructure can cause direct risk to the employees and working staff. Electric shocks, vibrations, uncovered pits, and collapsing walls are the primary reason for infrastructure hazards.

How to avoid the health and safety hazards?

  • Keep the workplace sanitised and maintain cleanliness to avoid virus or bacterial spread. 
  • Make sure that the harmful tools or substances are handled with expert care and under proper safety measures. 
  • Take breaks, maintain a good posture while working and avoid doing repetitive tasks for hours without a break. 
  • Use protective gear and safety instruments while working with machinery, especially on a construction site or with chemicals. 
  • Conduct interaction meetings and indulge in activities with co-workers to avoid stress. Plan outdoor trips and engagements to promote a healthy professional relationship.


The health and safety of the employees and staff is the health of the business. Spreading awareness about the types of hazards and how to avoid them can help the organisation avoid any risks. Remember, safety is a team effort. With the right approach, we can achieve a healthy and safe environment for all.For more information, check this page out: The Knowledge Academy.

Tim Williamson, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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