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Top Benefits of Using Online Photo Editors

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Online photo editors constitute a major part of almost every individual’s life because everyone needs to use an image editor to get glossy premium photos. Photo editors are used for different purposes, from creating personalised social media posters and blog pictures to adjusting personal snaps to get a satisfying look.

Here are some of the top benefits of online photo editors and what they offer their users.

What is photo editing?

Photo editing is a process of modifying and enhancing images by adding some decorative touch-ups to create newly perfect versions of the original ones. Photo editing helps make the camera’s shots more attractive, as it can be used to highlight specific details while covering unwanted flaws.

Benefits of using online photo editors

What makes online photo editors a likeable option to go to is briefly stated in the following:

  • They help beginners or people with no design knowledge create stunning designs because of their simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • They have a set of handy built-in features available to resize, crop, and adjust pictures.
  • Photo editing is made much easier with the ability to make the required edits in a few clicks.
  • Online photo editors are free to use, allowing the editing of countless photos, and users can subscribe to a premium version to unlock other extra advantages.
  • Online photo editors save the device’s space because they are available on the cloud without installing heavy programs.
  • Online photo editors provide numerous customised effects and filters for photographs.
  • They have an existing image stock, which users can use when there is no specific image to edit.
  • Online photo editors offer a wide range of editing options like mirroring and flipping images, trimming photo compositions, modifying images and pixel sizes, modifying contrast and exposure, and adding texts, frames, and stickers.
  • Besides the touch-up tools to fix images’ faults, some retouching tools include cropping, resizing, changing the background colour, removing and adding customised backgrounds to images, blurring photos, or removing the blur.

Best online photo editors

When looking up online photo editors, there is going to be a variety of choices that offer corresponding services. However, the following are the most popular editors that come at the top of the list:

  • BeFunky. It is an online photo editor with a collage maker and a designer tool set for graphic designers. Hundreds of photo effects are found there to help users, even with limited experience, make the adjustments they want with a single click. In addition to a massive library of customizable graphics, the BeFunky photo editor offers multiple free fonts besides other choices of uploading external fonts to choose from while adding texts to photos. Not to mention the professional-quality editing tools that help in boosting images and enhance them to give them a better look.
  • Fotor. Fotor online photo editor also has a separate collage and design maker. Editing images using Fotor is pretty easy because of its simple and user-friendly user interface, making it work for everyone, from beginners to professionals. This online photo editor includes one of the most powerful photo editing tools to fix photo problems, remove wrinkles, remove eye redness, whiten teeth, fix blemishes, and much more.
  • Photopea. Photopea is a web-based photo editor with a basic yet unique set of tools and features that are specific to this editor. What distinguishes Photopea as a photo editing software is that it is free being supported by ads. Even the paid version is affordable and makes a great choice for people who don’t use photo editing software often. Another feature worth mentioning is editing files like PSD, PDF, AI, XD, GIG, JPG, PNG, and others. 
  • Adobe Photoshop Express. Adobe express is one of the design software presented by the most popular and prominent brands in the field. Adobe express is also free to use aside from the paid subscription that gives access to the pro features of the editor. Animating images and text effects, stitching several photos together to create a collage, and editing photos with filters in a few seconds have not been more professional than being done via Adobe Express. Furthermore, over 100,000 templates and assets are already available to inspire its users and push them to start.

Final thoughts

To cap it all, online photo editors add great value to individuals obsessed with polishing their own photographs, or businesses using these tools easily and with no cost to grow and develop. Whenever unsure about a photo’s effect, online photo editors come in handy to add the needed touches.

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