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These Are the Top Beauty Treatments Brits Are Trying Themselves at Home

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recent study by Currys has analysed the Google search volume for the “how to.. at home” range of beauty treatments to discover the ones people are trying to cut costs on the most.

The cost-of-living crisis has forced many loyal in-salon beauty-goers to rethink where and how they can cut costs by replicating treatments at home, leading to a shift in luxuries and wants. This beauty lifestyle adjustment is on the rise in the UK, with many people taking beauty matters into their own hands and becoming their own beauticians.

Regarding the one treatment everyone is itching to learn, “Gel Nails” came out on top with 176,640 yearly searches for “how to do gel nails at home” and similar relevant searches. The price of getting gel nails done professionally can cost between £30–£40 but upwards of £50 if extensions are included, and with a lifespan of three weeks minimum, you could be looking at over £600 for the year.

The second most searched DIY beauty “how to… at home” was fake tan, which receives, on average, 101,280 yearly searches on Google in the UK. Professional spray tans range from £25–£35 on average; most will have faded by the time the week is up. Serial tanners looking for that year-round glow could be forking out around £1820 a year if they committed to once a week.

And the third was acrylic nails, which came in under half of its gel alternative, with 85,320 yearly UK searches for how to do these nails at home.

Top of the Toks: DIY beauty on TikTok

Of course, not everyone uses Google for their research now; when looking at the same list of treatments on TikToks, the most watched was #faketanroutine with 544 million views; the videos using this tag give tips to those wanting to perfect their own fake tan at home.

The next TikTok DIY beauty hashtag with the most views was the lockdown special #diyhaircut which currently has 452.2 million views. Despite the hairdressers being very much open, many still choose to cut their own hair on the app, with varying levels of success.

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