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Top 5 Examples of LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

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The LGBT community is one of the most discussed modern topics. While many people stand for their rights, there are also those that strongly oppose them. Only knowledge and education can finish this conflict. That’s why it is so important to write essays on LGBT in educational facilities. Read our new material for some interesting ideas on LGBT argumentative essay topics. 

Same-sex marriage essay

These are, by far, the most common essays dedicated to the question of LGBT. Usually, a same sex marriage arguments essay tells about the controversy surrounding the question of same-sex marriages. Such works are really interesting because they allow you to explore a truly heated debate. You may review a broad range of subtopics. For example, religious attitudes to the topic or, probably, some real-life stories about same-sex marriage. 

Sometimes, it is very challenging to navigate through all the information on the given question. If you struggle with such an assignment, make sure to use a free essay sample as a source of inspiration. You can find it on the list of LGBT argumentative essay topics and examples written to help you deliver an excellent paper. Here you will find useful ideas and facts that will definitely help you. 

Book review

There are many books dedicated to the question of LGBT. Many students receive a task to analyze such a book. This literary analysis will help you understand some interesting perspectives on the topic and explore various aspects of LGBT debatable topics. In most cases, an educator will present the most relevant book during the class. Later, you’ll be able to get its printed or digital copy for review. Remember to support your analysis with arguments from other sources. In this case, a library will come in handy. 

Discussion essay on LGBT rights

LGBT rights are one of the most valuable LGBT argumentative topics. It is always surrounded by many controversies. In modern conditions, it goes primarily about measures taken against homophobic actions and hostility. During a sociology course, learners get many opportunities to explore the reasons for such behavior peculiar to some people. If you decide to deliver an essay on LGBT rights, you get a very fruitful field for some extensive research. There are also many sources you can use and many subtopics you may cover. For sure, it is a perfect choice for the most detailed and sophisticated papers. 

Historical comparison essay

The rights and the attitudes towards the question of LGBT have changed over time. A great idea is to discuss these changes in a comparison essay. For example, you may compare the status of the LGBT society in the 19th century to the modern one. Many college students may focus on such an assignment, as it creates great opportunities for historical retrospectives. Such an approach also helps them research social change. There is an opportunity to apply various sociological theories or historical processes to explore the question in more detail. Anyway, the potential for research is almost unlimited in this direction. 

Narrative essay on gay rights and problems

One of the greatest opportunities to explore the LGBT community and its issues is to deliver an excellent narrative on the topic. You are free to choose any subtopic related to this question for writing. For example, a decent idea would be focusing on your experience of interaction with its representatives. Probably, you may describe some personal experiences related to the LGBT community. This will help you explore some real emotions or characters. After all, such a work will be much more engaging to the readers. There are great opportunities to express your personal attitudes to the given question and include a meaningful appeal.

A great benefit of such an assignment is that you’re free to use your creativity. For example, you may suggest what the future of the LGBT community should look like. In this case, you may focus on the rights of such people, their future status, and your expectations of the future of same-sex marriages. This will make your work overlap with an argumentative essay on LGBT marriage. The main difference is that the work will show your ability to anticipate and make up something much better. Probably, even the most demanding university teachers will be satisfied with such an appeal.

Final thoughts

So, these were the most promising topics for an essay on LGBT. Probably, you may come up with your own idea, but make sure to use our topic examples for inspiration. The topic is extremely broad and includes many possible subtopics. So, with the right approach and a decent understanding of the question, you may come up with some great ideas on how to write an excellent LGBT essay. 

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