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Top 3 IT Certifications of Lucrative Value in 2022 – Take a Leap and Start Your Career Growth

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The field of IT is constantly evolving and thus has turned vital for every individual to equip himself with the latest IT and computing skills. Thus certain certificates work as boosters in this regard and also enhance the opportunities for good earning.

Recently, it has been observed that employers have struggled hard to retain talented and qualified people during the phase of Covid. During this pandemic, the opportunities evolved in abundance. Hence, it’s high time for attaining expertise in the field of IT to demonstrate high perfection in the line of work. They are working day in and day out for the acquisition of talent. We have listed here the top 3 certifications which can pave your road to success. Furthermore, these certifications can promise you a lucrative career. 

AWS certified solutions architect – associate

It is a certification which is offered by Amazon Web Services for professionals who are hands-on traders and engineers. This certification tests an individual’s expertise in designing cloud systems on Amazon Web Services. It helps in architecting large-scale and distributed systems. The candidates are needed to take AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate (SAA-C02) exam dumps PDF for securing this certification. AWS candidates are recommended to have training and experience designing systems on AWS before taking the examination as it’s not an ordinary or easy certification. But it won’t be challenging if prepared with proper resources. 

The duration of the exam is 80 minutes. PSI centres in the US administer this examination. 

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect is a certification which allows an individual to get certified as an architect on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Completing this study ensures that you are having the capacity to design develop and merge resources ingrained in Google’s cloud architecture by using GCP technologies.

 This certification enables an individual to have a deep knowledge of Google technology solutions which are essential to apply to address a wide variety of different cloud scenarios. Cloud skills are high in demand and they are mastering Google’s tools for lasting and secure solutions which will be critical to any organization standardizing on the GCP platform. Global knowledge indicates that the average cloud computing professional makes over $160,000 per year. Whereas the specialization is just 4% (as the survey told). Google-certified Professional Cloud Architects are expected to earn an average of $169,029 annually. Though the number of certified professionals is quite low yet it’s increasing day by day as people are showing their keen interest in this certification. 

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer

It stands third in the world’s top certifications. It’s highly in demand. Its popularity is exploded for its intense need for cloud data management and database expertise. Though it’s not a database administrator sort of gig yet the certification of Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification will enable an individual to do architecture work on business processes and statistical models. The individual will also be able to design machine learning algorithms. As a whole, it would be like giving senior management the data they require to make important business decisions via data transmission and visualization.

For certification, it’s essential to pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer exam to get the expertise. Google itself offers multiple online training courses to equip the youth with the latest technology in this regard but an undergraduate degree in computer science, informatics, information systems, statistics, or another degree will be required for Google will term it a ‘quantitative field’.

The professionals of Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer are to earn the highest salary, an average of which is $171,749.

As online learning has exploded in recent years thus there are several online training platforms that offer certifications in this regard. These certifications are university-sponsored in partnership with technology companies like Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. There are also many video-based learning platforms like Skillshare. 

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