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Top 100 Universities in the World for Psychology 2017

Dennis Relojo-Howell

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On 8 November 2017, Times Higher Education released the world’s top universities for psychology.

Stanford University tops the list while the City, University of London clinched the 100th spot. The US dominates the psychology table, claiming almost half (47) of the top 100 places, and eight of the top 10 spots. The UK is the second most-represented nation, with 13 universities.

1. Stanford University (US)
2. University College London (UK)
3. Princeton University (US)
4. Harvard University (US)
5. Duke University (US)
6. Northwestern University (US)
7. University of Michigan
8. University of California, Los Angeles (US)
9. Carnegie Mellon University (US)
10. University of British Columbia (Canada)

Harvard university ranks fourth. (Image credit: Dailymail)

11. University of California, San Diego (US)
12. University of Wisconsin-Madison (US)
13. University of Toronto (Canada)
14. University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
15. Columbia University (US)
16. University of Washington (US)
17. University of Minnesota (US)
18. New York University (US)
19. Karolinska Intitute (Sweden)
20. University of Edinburgh (UK)
21. Vanderbilt University (US)
22. University of California, Santa Barbara (US)
23. Pennsylvania State University (US)
24. Michigan State University (US)
25. Washington University in St Louis (US)

University College London ranks second. (Image credit: Independent)

26. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (US)
27. University of Rochester (US)
28. Ohio State University (US)
29. University of Groningen (Netherlands)
30. University of Virgina (US)
31. Free University of Berlin (Germany)

University of Edinburgh ranks 20th. (Image credit: EUYSRA)

= 32. McGill University (Canada)
= 32. University of Melbourne (Australia)
34. LMU Munich (Germany)
35. Brown University (US)
36. KU Leuven (Belgium)
37. University of York (UK)
38. University of Southern California (US)
39. University of New South Wales (Australia)
40. Ghent University (Belgium)
41. Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany)
42. Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands)
43. Peking University (China)
= 44. University of California, Irvine (US)
= 44. Indiana University (US)
46. University of Texas at Austin (US)
47. Boston University (US)
48. Heidelberg University (Germany)
49. University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
50. University of Queensland (Australia)

University of York ranks 37th (Image credit: Middle Orient)

51. University of Maryland, College Park (US)
= 52. University of St Andrews (UK)
= 52. Utrecht University (Netherlands)
54. Tilburg University (Netherlands)
55. National University of Singapore (Singapore)
56. Cardiff University (UK)
57. Florida State University (US)
= 58. Dartmouth College (US)
= 58. University of Glasgow (UK)
61. Emory University (US)
= 62. Australian National University (Australia)
= 62. University of Warwick (UK)
64. Maastricht University (Netherlands)
= 65. University of Colorado Boulder (US)
= 65. University of Sydney (Australia)
67. University of Connecticut (US)
68. Birkbeck, University of London (UK)
= 69. University of Florida (US)
= 69. Rice University (US)
= 69. Simon Fraser University (Canada)
72. University of Zurich (Switzerland)
73. University of Bristol (UK)
74. University of Iowa (US)
75. University of Freiberg (Germany)

Birkbeck, University of London ranks 68th (Image credit: ODB)

= 76. Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
= 76. Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
78. University of Bern (Switzerland)
79. University of Sussex (UK)
= 80. University of Geneva (Switzerland)
= 80. Georgetown University (US)
82. Arizona State University (US)
83. University of Illinois at Chicago (US)
84. University of Kent (UK)
85. University of California, Riverside (US)
86. University of Tübingen (Germany)
87. University of Oregon (US)
88. University of Würzburg (Germany)
89. University of Georgia (US)
= 90. University of Helsinki (Finland)

City, University of London ranks 100th. (Image credit: Eazycoach)

= 90. University of Mannheim (Germany)
92. Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
= 93. University of Basel (Switzerland)
= 93. University of Southampton (UK)
95. University of Auckland (New Zealand)
= 96. University of Arizona (US)
= 96. Texas A&M University (US)
98. University of Pittsburgh (US)
99. University of Alberta (Canada)
100. City, University of London (UK)


Source: Times Higher Education

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