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Tis’ the Season for Trades: The Surge of Christmas Callouts

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Just like Mr Claus himself, the run-up to Christmas is an incredibly busy time of year for tradespeople. Many are pressured to get jobs done before the festive season starts and family and friends arrive in bundles, but for some, the “holiday rush” doesn’t stop there.
Last year, a report revealed that 58% of 250 surveyed tradespeople would be taking call-outs on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day. Further to this, analysis of industry trends revealed that the demand for emergency repairs during the holiday season was actually higher in December compared to other months. 
The following report from ventilation and air duct specialists at Airmatic, reveals these industry trends and demonstrates how you can turn seasonal surges into strategic opportunities while avoiding burnout at this very busy time of year.

Industry trend analysis

Leading up to the festive period, as visitors and guests descend, many homeowners may need last-minute home maintenance fixes that have built up throughout the year. On the other hand, the rise in demand for emergency and out-of-hours call-outs could be attributed to having more people in your home or the colder weather putting pressure on internal systems.
Last year, internet searches for repair call-out services spiked during the Christmas season compared to previous months. The demand for different trades, “emergency plumber” – one of the most popular services – spiked up to 15,638 searches, while “gas engineer” (14,653) and “emergency electrician” (5,886) also saw a spike in search volume.
The most popular related search terms that can be attributed to the call-outs were “gas leak” (7,232), “blocked drain” (6,187), “low water pressure” (6,572), “power cut” (33,626), “no electricity” (1,928), and “gas leak” (8,169).

Holiday-targeted services

Although you may have no say in your time off this year, there are ways you can capitalise on the holiday season as a tradesperson.
Offering a holiday package or a flat fee that’s higher than usual but not extortionate might be a fair compromise for both you and your clients.
Although in the following survey, tradesmen declared that out of 250 people, “almost half (47 per cent) will work at their usual rates, as opposed to increasing them over the key festive dates” If you’re offering call-out services on bank holidays, the urgency and demand for immediate assistance might justify a substantial rate increase. You could double, if not triple, your prices and clearly state this as a holiday premium in your pricing structure.
Other ways you could use this busy time to your advantage include running promotions and special offers. Instead of simply doubling your callout fee, consider offering special Christmas packages that include additional services or extended support for the higher rate. Also, during this time of many festivities, it may be worth sponsoring a local event. Although the return on investment may not always be immediately visible, the opportunities for brand awareness, growing customer loyalty, and generating leads are just as valuable. 

Beating burnout  

Lastly, one thing that is less talked about is the stress and anxiety that may come with working over the holiday period. More than 4 in 5 UK tradespeople (84%) say they’ve experienced some form of mental health problem due to work, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. Especially during the cost of living crisis, the rise in the cost of materials, and long seasonal work hours.
Make sure to get enough sleep, keep a balanced diet, and balance work and rest days. More importantly, keep communicating with friends and family. 
With just only 1 in 6 (17%) tradespeople having spoken to friends or family about their problems, if you are suffering with your mental health, there are a number of services and organisations you can turn to.
For support specific to the construction industry, you can visit these websites: Mates In MindLighthouse ClubConstruction Industry Helpline

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