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Tips to Look Younger – Let’s Prove that Age Is Just a Number

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Just imagine one day you wake up and see in the mirror to witness an old face looking back at you: crow feet, nasolabial line, and wilted skin. And what if that person is you? Nothing can be haunting than to imagine yourself getting older with sagging skin, wrinkled face and faded glow.

That’s why every day, our beauty industry gets flooded with a new beauty product that promises to hold our youthfulness, defy signs of ageing and keep our beauty intact. We don’t mind spending hundreds of pounds on these anti-ageing beauty products – considering as elixir for younger looking skin. Oh well, let’s pop our delusional bubble: they are not! 

Though these high-end anti-ageing products do have some miraculous properties, they can’t be our only beauty-savers.

We need to incorporate some routines, and good-bye some other habits to prove: yes, age is just a number.

Keep your skin hydrated

Hydrated lifestyle is the secret of looking younger and preventing signs of ageing from crawling your face. You might have heard this a lot, and it is true. Drinking plenty of water every day is essential for the overall health of your body. Though it doesn’t enhance the water content of your face skin, it does flush out harmful toxins and makes your skin more receptive to moisturiser.

Avoid things that enhance dehydration like harsh soaps. Instead, use gentle face wash in gel and foam form to maintain and retain the moisture of your skin. And yes, don’t forget to put a good moisturiser at least twice a day. Don’t forget; hydrated lifestyle is the best lifestyle – adopt it!

Skin care regimen

Lately, our beauty industry is obsessed with the right skin care regimen. Every beauty blog talks about it, and we understand why? It is totally worth it!

Incorporating the right beauty regimen in your life is one of the best ways to stop signs of ageing from entering the horizon of your face. You don’t have to hold on to seven-step beauty routine if you find it burdensome.

But don’t ditch the basic regimen steps twice a day: cleansing, applying toner, moisturising, and once or twice a week exfoliating with a gentle scrub. Simple. 

This simple skin care regimen can be your big time saver, but you can also occasionally sneak essence, ampoules, and serums into your regimen to enhance benefits.

Visit dermatologist

Let’s admit, whenever we think of dermatologists, Botox and face-lifting are one of the first things to come in our mind. Well, yes, such things are popular, but a dermatologist does more than this. He also prevents signs of ageing from appearing besides curing them. So, just like prevention is better than cure in other ways, bringing this rule into your beauty circle is also essential. Slowly, but finally, people have understood this simple rule. 

HydraFacial is an advanced facial which moisturises and rejuvenates the skin to shoo away the signs of ageing before they start settling on your face. Just like some pretty good reasons like HydraFacial and others, do visit a dermatologist once every six months, at least.

There is nothing like an elixir to looking young; you have to get old one day (I know it is saddening, but it is true!). But with healthy habits and routines, we can look younger for a long time and embrace ageing gracefully.

Jason Smith did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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