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Here Are 5 Tips to Keep Your Brain Younger

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The brain is accountable for all the capacities our body needs to remain alive, such as breathing, processing food, and blood circulation. It controls our speech, memory, thoughts, and multiple involuntary actions.

As we age, our brain size changes and a decline in memory and cognition is observed. Mental recession is normal, and it’s one of the most dreaded results of ageing.

Nowadays, life expectancy in many nations surpasses 80. However, age-related illnesses, for example, Alzheimer’s and diabetes can lessen personal satisfaction. By embracing some healthy habits, sound sleep, and doing physical exercise, can slow and even alter the process. Our brain capacity will keep on diminishing if nothing is done to safeguard them. Although, early intervention can slow the decay.

Here’s are tips  backed by scientific evidence for successful ageing with a younger brain:

Physical exercise

Studies suggest that physical exercise can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. Thirty minutes of everyday walking can lower the hazard for dementia and improve your cognition and general well-being.  It brings down circulatory strain, improves cholesterol levels, battles diabetes, and lessens mental pressure, all of which can help the brain. While exercising, our pulse builds and heart rate escalates, the brain gets oxygen at a quicker rate, and new synapses and cells grow rapidly. This increases the brain’s plasticity and cognitive ability.

Brain exercise

Your brain muscles get weakened with time like other body muscles, if not utilised. This implies that brain exercise is important to keep them stimulated. Researches show that various mental exercises like puzzle solving, reading, board games, dancing, learning a new language or skill, sharpens your brain, and decreases the risk of dementia.


A healthy diet can improve your brain health. Research shows the Mediterranean diet enhances memory, cognition, and brain capacity. It slows down cognitive impairment by offering protective shielding to the brain. The nutrients which support the mental well-being are antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B.

Change your routine

By changing our routine, we open new doors to creative ideas, and can solve the problems in a better way. This is because when we come out of our comfort zone, our brain gets forced to think in newer ways. To grow, our brain demands novelty. The more often we start pursuing something new, the stronger our cognition becomes. It can be as simple as helping someone or to listen to a new podcast or switching our basic morning routine.

Take care of your emotional health

People who feel anxious, sad, sleepless and depressed are more prone to cognitive decline in older years. These are not only related to cognitive decline but a sound sleep and mental health are basic important goals. So, have an encouraging social circle, meditate, have a sound sleep, and try getting a ‘me time’ to understand your emotions a better way.


It’s consistently simpler to ensure a sound cerebrum than to attempt to fix harm once it is broad. So, what are you waiting for? Start embracing healthy habits for a younger brain and better cognition. Now is always the best time to invest your efforts and time in yourself, increase your skills and gain better health. A healthy mind is the key to stay high-spirited which eventually reverses the aging process and enhances your life’s years.


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Vitasta Dhawan is an MSc student at Punjab Agricultural University. She carries out research in human development.

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