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Tips to Style Your Luvme Hair 613 Wig for Every Occasion

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A 613 wig is a type of blonde wig with the code 613. And it can legit give you the best of both worlds: convenience and versatility of a wig while preserving the natural beauty of your own hair. However, obviously, not all 613 wigs are created equal. Some are made from synthetic fibers that both look and feel rough. Some are poorly constructed and prone to shedding and tangling. Still, others are too big or too small to fit your head. And that’s why you need to choose Luvme Hair’s 613 wigs. With their high-quality human hair, these wigs are designed to stand out – oh, and there’s one for every occasion too!

Embracing the uniqueness of Luvme Hair’s 613 Wigs

Luvme Hair’s 613 wigs are not just any wigs – they’re special. Here’s how:

  • They are made from 100% virgin human hair, which means they are unprocessed, undyed, and untreated. Not to mention, the hair is collected from healthy donors who don’t use excessive chemicals or heat.
  • They are bleached with a special technique to ensure uniformity and color consistency without damage or dryness.
  • They’re available in several types and lengths, which means you can pick the styles and textures that complement your personality – from straight, body wave, deep wave, water wave, curly, kinky curly, kinky straight, loose wave, and short, medium, or long to everything in between!

Styling your 613 Wig for different occasions

When it comes to styling, Luvme Hair’s 613 wigs have many advantages that make them versatile. For starters:

  • They offer a blank canvas for various styles. Since they’re blonde in color, they can match any skin tone and eye color. Plus, you can always dye or bleach your wig without damaging it.
  • They are convenient and time-saving because you don’t need any glue, tape, or clips to wear them. Some are even pre cut lace wigs that you don’t have to cut the lace yourself, so you can put them on or take them off in minutes.

Hence, these wigs are ideal for an easy, natural, and versatile vibe. In fact, we went all out and made a list of all the wonderful ways you can style your 613 wig at home.

  • Casual style. To create a casual style with your 613 wig, you can use your own hair as a side parting or a side-swept bangs to add softness and movement to your look. Plus, you can use styling products and tools to create loose waves or maybe even just throw in some hair accessories, such as headbands, scarves, clips, or pins, to add flair to your hair! But whatever you do, you can’t really go wrong with casual because it’s supposed to be informal anyway. So, get as crazy as you want!
  • Professional style. For a professional setting, you should use your own hair for a center parting or blunt bangs to add both symmetry and sophistication. Also, style your hair with a flat iron and some hairspray to create a sleek and straight hair look. And voila – you’re ready for that business meeting, presentation, or dinner party. Just maybe tone down on the hair accessories because you don’t want to look too flashy.
  • Elegant style. You can even go for a more elegant style with your 613 wig. Start with a side parting or side-swept bangs, and add tight curls or waves for the perfect finish. Plus, you can pair this look with simplistic hair accessories for the ultimate formal or semi-formal look.
  • Trendy style. To create a trendy style with your 613 wig, start with a zigzag parting or fringe bangs for some fun and flair. Next, follow up with crimps or spikes as well as hats, sunglasses, or bandanas – and we promise you’ll have all eyes on you! The trendy look is ideal for parties, clubbing, concerts, and even daytime festivals. So, make sure to try it for yourself.

Customising your Luvme Hair 613 Wig

Another reason to love Luvme Hair’s 613 wigs is that you can customize them with your own hair to create your desired look. Just keep the following tips in mind when making adjustments to your wig:

  • You can cut, trim, or shape your wig with scissors or a razor. Plus, you can also use a comb or brush to guide the cutting process. This means that you can customise your 613 wig to change its length, style, and shape.
  • To curl or straighten your wig, you can simply use a curling iron or flat iron to create different textures – just remember to use a heat protectant spray or serum.
  • To dye or bleach your wig, you can use hair dye or bleach as per your preference.

However, if you’re unsure about customizing your 613 wig, you can always consult a professional stylist for guidance and inspiration.

Caring for your 613 Wig to maintain its versatility

Luvme Hair’s 613 wigs are designed with high-quality materials and careful construction. But that’s not a free pass to misuse them. In fact, you need to be extra careful if you want to preserve their quality and versatility. Here are some tips:

  • To clean your 613 wig, wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner every two weeks or as and when it gets dirty. Also, remember to dry it completely before storing or styling it again. You can simply use a towel or blow dryer on low heat to dry it.
  • To store your wig, comb it gently with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush both before and after wearing it. Plus, store it only on a wig stand or wig bag to avoid destroying its shape.
  • To maintain your wig, periodically detangle and moisturise your wig. We recommend going in with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush. But you can also just use some leave-in conditioner or oil to moisturise the wig hair and prevent dryness.


Luvme Hair’s 613 wigs are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a wig that is both versatile and adaptable. These wigs are designed with unique elements that make them stand out from the other 613 wigs on the market. You can style and customise them like crazy – and they won’t ruin, so long as you care for them properly. So, go ahead and check out Luvme Hair’s range of 613 wigs right here – we promise they’re worth it!

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