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5 Tips for Staying Emotionally Healthy During the Pandemic  

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If there’s one thing that most people can agree about the pandemic, it’s that we are living in a time of uncertainty and stress. The fear of you or your loved ones falling ill at any time coupled with social distancing measures can leave you feeling downright helpless. Most of us are anxious to get back to the way life was only a few short years ago. 

Unfortunately, due to the new variants, it doesn’t look like Covid shows any signs of slowing down. The best you can do is try to survive these emotionally trying times, by prioritising mental health. During this challenging moment in our lives, follow these tips to stay emotionally healthy and avoid depression or anxiety. 

Take the right precautions 

One of the most practical ways to stay healthy mentally and physically is by taking the right safety precautions. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and get vaccinated. The more that you follow safety recommendations, the less likely you are to fall ill. The more reassurance you can give yourself that everything is going to be OK, the less likely you are to panic and stress. 

Stay in touch with your family and friends 

One of the biggest disappointments about the pandemic is seeing our friends and family less. Even though you may not be able to see everyone in person as much as you might like to, it’s still important that you stay in touch by using other methods. Take time to call them, or set up a video conference. Prioritize staying in touch, and it will make you feel more connected instead of isolated. 

Take media breaks 

Even though it’s important to stay informed by watching the news or reading publications, sometimes you can experience information overload. Rather than allowing yourself to be entirely consumed by everything Covid-related, give yourself mental breaks. It’s OK to forget about the weight of the world a few times a day. Take a break to enjoy your family, your friends, or even just a funny movie. Allow yourself room to breathe outside the constant chatter of the pandemic. 

Reward yourself 

When you’re going through such a difficult situation like a worldwide pandemic, you must reward yourself for surviving such difficulties. Treat yourself to sleeping a little more, eating a good meal, or buying yourself something special. The same rewards may not be the same for everyone.  Whatever you do, do something that shows you care about yourself. Self-love is essential during such difficult times like now. 

Express yourself 

Some of the most beautiful works of art in history were created during difficult moments. Sometimes the best thing to do with your uncertainty and anxiety is to put it into a creative project. Perhaps it’s singing, dancing, or even doodling on a blank piece of paper. Allow your feelings to express themselves through some sort of medium. Otherwise, all that energy will remain pent up inside. 

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg. He tweets @dennisr_howell.


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