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5 Tips for Selling Your House Fast While Keeping Your Pets Happy

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In today’s bustling real estate market, the need to sell your house fast can arise for a myriad of reasons, be it a job relocation, financial decisions, or simply the desire for a change of scenery. But homeowners with pets face the added challenge of managing this swift transition while ensuring their furry companions remain happy and stress-free. 

Read on to discover how balancing a fast house sale with the welfare of your pets is both delicate and achievable with the right strategies.

Create a pet routine and a safe space

For pets, routine is a source of comfort and stability. Establishing a designated “safe space” away from the main action can significantly reduce their stress. This area should be equipped with all their necessities, from their favourite toys to their bed and feeding bowls. Not only does this keep them comfortable, but it also prevents them from inadvertently being let out or getting underfoot during showings.

Moreover, maintaining as much of their regular routine as possible minimises anxiety. This includes consistent feeding times, walks, and playtime. The familiarity of routine amidst the home-selling chaos can be a soothing balm for your pets, making the transition smoother for everyone involved.

Prepare your home for showings

First impressions are crucial in a swift house sale. Pet owners need to go the extra mile to ensure their homes appeal to potential buyers. This means addressing any pet odours, hair, or damage. A deep clean is often necessary, with particular attention paid to areas where pets spend most of their time. Hiring professionals to tackle pet-related wear and tear might be the best course of action for some.

Addressing these issues not only makes your home more appealing but also helps to eliminate any potential concerns buyers might have about the longevity and maintenance of the property. Remember, the goal is to showcase your home in its best light, making it easier for buyers to envision themselves living there.

Consider temporary relocation during showings

Minimising complications during showings is key for those aiming for an accelerated home sale. Pets can be unpredictable, and their presence might not always be conducive to successful home viewings.

Temporary relocation, be it through pet daycare services, family, or friends, can be a win-win solution. It ensures the revolving door of visitors and safeguards against possible escape attempts or accidents, which doesn’t stress your pets.

This step benefits your pets and removes any barriers to buyers viewing the property. Without distractions, potential buyers can focus on your home’s features, increasing the likelihood of a faster sale.

Highlight pet-friendly features of your home

A home that caters to the needs of furry family members can be incredibly appealing to potential buyers who are pet owners. If your home and neighbourhood boast pet-friendly amenities, like a secure backyard, built-in pet doors, or proximity to parks and veterinary services – make sure these features are prominently listed in your property description. 

Emphasising these aspects can attract a niche market of pet owners looking for a new home that accommodates their unique needs. It’s an effective strategy to stand out in a competitive market, potentially speeding up the sale process by connecting with the right buyers from the start.

For example, mentioning nearby dog parks, pet-friendly cafes, or walking trails can paint a vivid picture of a lifestyle that pet owners are eager to buy into. This strategy highlights the value of your property. It taps into the emotional aspect of buying a home, where buyers can envision a happy, convenient life for their pets and themselves. This alignment of interests can be a powerful motivator, encouraging potential buyers to act quickly.

Schedule showings strategically

Work with your real estate agent to arrange viewings during times that align with your pet’s schedule. Ideally, this would be when your pet is out for a walk, attending daycare, or during their usual nap times.

Such planning ensures minimal disruption to your pet’s daily routine, reducing their stress levels and keeping them content. Additionally, it facilitates a smoother viewing experience for potential buyers, free from distractions, thus potentially speeding up the sale process.

Make the move easier on your furry friends

Setting out on a swift house sale doesn’t have to come at the expense of your pet’s well-being. By incorporating these tips, you can navigate the selling process in a way that supports both your goals and your pet’s happiness. 

Creating a pet-friendly environment, addressing potential buyer concerns upfront, and ensuring your pets are comfortable and stress-free are all steps that can lead to a successful sale. Remember, a little planning and consideration can make all the difference, paving the way for a smooth transition to your next adventure together.

Jeffrey Grant, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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