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7 Tips on Remembering a Loved One

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Remembering a loved one for whatever reason can be challenging and sometimes very painful. Still, it’s important to feel these feelings and express our genuine emotions to move forward and stay happy.

Most people tend to dwell on the negative impact that losing someone has rather than remember them in a positive light, so here are seven tips on remembering them in a positive way that may help you connect, move on, or express your feelings.

Keep in touch with the memories

Keeping memories fresh in your mind can be difficult, especially if they are from deep within your past; therefore, remembering these special times is super important in keeping in touch with your loved one.

One method for keeping in touch with memories is to go back to the places where these memories were made and relive the experiences. If it was a romantic day at the park or a long drive, get back to that park or back in the car and relive that experience it will make you feel more connected to that time and help you process those feelings, whether they be good, or bad.

Talk with mutual friends and family about the loved one

Talking and being open is essential to remember a loved one, especially if you share mutual friends or family members. Discussing the loved one can open you to new ideas and feelings that you might not have thought of before. You know the saying, two heads are better than one, which is the same for being open about your emotions.

Invest in some special memorabilia

There are loads of businesses out there that offer personalised memorabilia to connect you with your loved one these come in a huge range of designs, from ashes jewellery to handwriting engravings, you will be able to find a special physical object perfect for remembering your loved one.

One business called Inscripture are known for their personalised handwriting engravings; they can re-create exact handwriting and are even able to create a new message using said handwriting. They have been named the UK’s leading handwriting specialists because each Handwriting item they make is unique and highly sentimental to its owner; it tells a story.

Look over photos and videos

In 2021, everyone has access to a smartphone, meaning we have an array of memories at the touch of our fingertips available all day, every day. Even though viewing these memories can be painful at times, it’s important to remember these and understand that you will be able to cherish them forever, and no one else has that privilege. This method is beneficial when looking back at a past negative relationship and pulling the positives from it, regardless of natural growth.

Focus on the positives

Following on from the point before, focusing on the happy memories and sound characteristics of the loved one can make remembering them a happy yet emotional experience. Getting closure may not always be on the cards, but you can create closure for yourself by feeling grateful for what you have been through or for the relationship you once had. Every single human being has the opportunity to grow from our relationships, depending on how we manipulate our mindsets.

Write a letter

Please write a letter, send it or don’t. This method is one of the most popular and allows you to express any emotions you may still be clinging onto

Celebrate them

Celebrating a loved one is so important and can be done in so many ways, based on your preference. Whether throwing them a party or celebrating by watching their favourite film, this is a great way to show gratitude and care towards them.

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